New Stunning Footage of the Russian Su-34 Fullback bombers attacking ground targets in Syria

The Russian MoD has released some new interesting footage.

Here is a new compilation of videos showing one of the six Russian Air Force Su-34 Fullback bombers deployed to Latakia, attacking ground targets from high altitude with the KAB-500S-E PGMs (Precision Guided Munitions).

Interestingly, the Red Star insignia on the Su-34 was painted over.

A few days ago, a couple of Su-34s involved in an air strike in northwestern Syria came within 20 miles from a flight of U.S. F-16s deployed to Incirlik airbase.

The Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback is a two-seat attack aircraft with a maximum range of 4,000 km, a payload of up to 12,000 kg on 12 hardpoints, the ability to carry R-77 and and R-73 missiles, a 30 mm GSh-30-1 cannon, and a Khibiny ECM suite.

So far, they have been spotted using only pairs of KAB-500 “fire-and-forget” bombs with the results shown in the footage below.

If you have not already seen it yet, here below you can also watch the footage, filmed with a GoPro of a RuAF Su-24 Fencer airstrike.

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