Video released by Russian MoD seems to prove that Russia’s combat planes missed their targets in Syria!

Russia has launched its first air strikes in Syria. But they may have missed their targets!

On Sept. 30, the Russian Air Force contingent based at Latakia launched its first air strikes against targets in Syria following the approval from the Russian Duma.

According to the Russian MoD, that has been quite active on Social Media all day, the air strikes targeted 8 ISIS targets in Syria and involved 20 sorties flown by Russian aircraft and hit “military materiel,communication centres, ammunition and fuel depots of IS.”

Now take a look at the following video, that shows some of the targets being attacked by the Russian warplanes.

Although we are unable to ID the weapons used against these targets it looks like that either the targeting pod was aiming somewhere else or the attack missed its target: the first part of the footage (most probably filmed by a drone) shows shrapnels from a bomb possibly exploded south of the target; the second part shows the same target and other shrapnels, but you can also clearly see the blast of a bomb at the bottom of the scene; the third one shows bombs (2 or 3) seemigly missing their target by several meters.

According to some photographs on Twitter, Su-24M2 may have been involved in the first air strikes in the area of Homs. And, as shown by the footage released by the Russian MoD, they probably used unguided bombs….

Image credit: Russian MoD


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  1. It’s not a cluster bombs but the shrapnel from missing FAB’s.
    And, yes, if I was them I would use one of KAB-500S (or -L) for the debut as well. And then go back to an old good (and almost free) soviet chugunka’s. It supposed to be so obvious, but not to our MoD.

  2. It is all just propaganda about “Russians missing” then “Russians killing GOOD terrorists” and finally, yes,”Russians killing civilians”..
    Few days ago Saudi Arabia killed 150 people on a wedding in Yemen.
    I do not see the outrage…?

  3. Do the Russian pilots have to ” call home ” to the Kremlin before they pull
    the trigger ? No, I didn’t think so. They just get the job done.

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  5. Typical Russian military incompetence. Probably 95 percent of those killed were civilians. But Russia was never sensitive about civilian human casualties anyway.

    • To be frank, nor is the US, in Syria at least. They acknowledged that their policy on killing civilians is looser in Syria than elsewhere, resulting in a record 50 dead civilians in a single airstrike in December 2014 in North West Syria. Am I saying Russia is the good guy? No. I’m saying there is no good guy. Or bad guy for that matter.

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