Video provides behind the scenes look at the Russian Su-27 Flanker operations in the Baltic area

An interesting video provides some details about Russian presence in the Baltic region.

Although rather difficult to understand (unless you speak Russian), the video in this post is quite interesting as it provides some footage of the Russian warplanes operations in Kaliningrad.

Kaliningrad Oblast, is a Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea.

Russian warplanes almost daily fly from mainland Russia to the airbases located in the 15,100 sq km (5,800 sq mi) exclave where about 1 million Russian and Russophone people live.

Several military planes, including the Su-27 Flankers involved in the recent, dangerous close encounters with U.S. and NATO planes over the Baltic Sea, are currently flying from Chernyakhovsk, a naval air base located in the central region of the exclave.

Russian warplanes usually deployed to Chkalovsk, Kaliningrad’s largest airfield, located 9 km northwest of Kaliningrad and able to accomodate bombers and interceptors. However, the base is being repaired and all the activities have moved to Chernyakhovsk were QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) is provided by  Su-27 Flankers. Single ones since, unlike NATO planes that operate in pairs during air policing missions, Russian planes are scrambled singularly.

According to a rough translation provided by some readers and Twitter followers, the service aired by Zvezda (a Russian nationwide TV network run by the Russian Ministry of Defense) explains that, while securing the western borders of the motherland, Russian pilots constantly train for air-to-air combat, flying several daily sorties.

“There are sufficient resources are on duty to defend from any intruder.”

The interviews with pilots do not unveil anything special; still, the footage is interesting as it shows the flight ops in Kaliningrad: something you don’t see too often.

H/T @oplatsen and @alcebaid for the help with the translation


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