Impressive video shows Turkish air strike on PKK ammunition depot in Northern Iraq as seen from a Gozcu UAV

Sep 15 2015 - 16 Comments

Drone provides an interesting point of view on air strike on PKK ammunition depot in northern Iraq.

The video below was filmed on Sept. 11, during Turkish Air Force air strikes on Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) targets in Northern Iraq.

60 PKK terrorists were killed in the raids against 64 targets in area which involved 21 aircraft (F-16s and F-4 2020). Among the targets hit by the Turkish strikes even a large ammunition depot where secondary explosions lasted for 2 hours.

Here’s the video filmed by a Gozcu (Heron 1) UAV.

The TuAF launched Operation Martyr Yalcin in the early morning on Jul. 24, a day after Islamic State militants attacked a Turkish border patrol in the town of Elbeyli in Kilis Province, killing one soldier and injuring two others. The operation was named after the Turkish soldier killed in the initial attack, Yalçın Nane.

H/T to Arda Mevlutoglu for the heads-up


  • AlexisWolf

    It’s shameful a NATO member is attacking those actually on the ground who are fighting IS/Daesh. No wonder Russia is (apparently) increasing its presence in the area.

  • Uth Matar

    PKK where good guys a month ago … At least they will help Erdogang(w/e) win elections …

    • Bad Day

      you got the point… here is the real reason why they are bombing the PKK in Syria: he lost the elections, he need an enemy to consolidate the right wing and the nationalists…

  • Business traveller

    Instead of pounding the PKK, the turks should concentrate on bombing Islamic State. They have been suspiciously absent from that. They are a far more dangerous than the PKK.

    • Κατσαρό Πιρούνι

      Ahem, Turkey and ISIS are practically allies…
      And right now in Turkey, two political parties parties inside the parliament are at war.

  • Bad Day

    PYD YPG PKK are fighting with Assad against ISIL, and they bomb them. Good Job President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

  • Felix

    So sad to see how once progressist Turkey, pioneer of laicity (and IIRC first country to allow women to vote) has veered away toward obscurantist Islamism. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is as bad for Turkey as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was good for it.
    And our western coalition is covering it up with hypocrisy for diplomatic compromises.
    What a shame…

    • FatihTripplej

      It’s about priorities bud. What began the fighting was the constant violation of the ceasefire by pkk that eas when all the stars were perfectly alligned for pkk to be taken of the terror list and might have had an historic opportynity to end the fighting and that would have also changed the political landscape for them within Turkey as well. But the idiots made a huge mistake by killing two police officers in suruc. It was a huge strategic mistake and it was the final straw that broke the camels back. At the moment the biggest threat to Turkeys soverignty is the pkk because their fighters have infultrated parts of south east Turkey so much where they are trying to actively create a civil war. Thats a big cause of concern for the security of its’ citizens.

  • The war on ISIL has more sides than perhaps any armed conflict before it:
    – Allied forces
    – ISIL
    – Turkey
    – Syria
    – Syrian rebels
    – Russia
    – PKK

    • Felix

      You can add at least:

      -Shiite milicias
      -Iran providing support to those
      -Al Qaeda (blowing hot and cold on ISIL and making the conflict “extendable toward the east)

      • Hail Mohammed

        And let’s not forget to mention
        – Qatar and Saudi, providing the bulk of the monetary support for ISIS
        – Israel, doing their level best to cause as much chaos as possible by backing the ‘rebels’

        • Bad Day

          according to some of them at least, they preferred one predictable enemy (Assad) than so many they have now…

  • Jan Schmidt

    for those who do not understand turkish and kurdish politics

  • Bad Day

    PKK (political party) operates in Turkey, the HPG is its armed force while the PYD (politcal party) operates in Syria, with its armed force, YPG. However, from Erdogan point of view, they are all PKKs.
    A report of the international news agency AFP suggests Kurdish fighters are cooperating with the Syrian army against the Islamic state (IS) in Hasakah. Kurdish forces known as the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian regime completely encircled IS in Hasakah city last Sunday. Reportedly, the Syrian government supplied the YPG with Russian-made weapons to fight IS.
    “The Kurds wouldn’t have been able to encircle the IS fighters without the weapons we gave them,” a senior army officer told AFP.
    In the past, the YPG denied any cooperation with the Syrian regime, even in Hasakah against the IS, and that their operations were independently planned from the Syrian regime.
    The Democratic Union Party (PYD) have condemned ‘terrorism’ of the Baath party and the IS.
    In March 2015, the PYD was accused by the UK government of supporting the Assad regime.
    In a response the PYD assured “the UK Government that we have neither direct nor indirect links to the Baathist regime in Syria,” and that the Kurdish forces clashed several times with the regime in Aleppo and Hasakah.

  • Uniform223

    can this situation be anymore confusing? things are already a fully loaded doo-doo sandwich thrown into a fubar cluster F.

  • Fatih Şamil

    interesting. An Nusra(Al Qaeda in syria) fighting aganist isis and nobody likes him. Why US send them weapon? They fight aganist isis?