Watch Russia’s 5th Gen. stealth fighter perform stunning aerobatics, including “Cobra” and flat spin

The Russian Sukhoi T-50 is going to be a tough adversary for both the F-22 and F-35.

A video published by the TV channel Zvezda shows a Sukhoi PAK FA prototype performing some stunning aerobatics that prove the excellent maneuverability of Russia’s next generation radar-evading fighter jet.

According to the Russians, in terms of maneuvering capabilities, the new aircraft will have no rivals both among its Russian-made predecessors and among the foreign combat planes.

The aircraft is a stealth equipped with a front, side and rear AESA radar, as well as L Band radars. It features TVC (Thrust Vectoring Control), a top speed exceeding Mach 2 and a supermaneuverability that makes the T-50 able to perform, among the others, even the famous Cobra maneuver.

It should carry a wide variety of weapons including air-to-air, air-to-surface and anti-ship missiles.

Although future air-to-air scenarios will probably not involve WVR (Within Visual Range) engagements, where supermaneuverability would give it an edge over most if not all its competitors, and provided it will solve all its problems and will be produced in significant numbers, the T-50 will become a tough adversary for the F-22 and F-35.


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  1. Official Russian sources have said from day one they consider it when fully developed will equal the F22 in most areas and better it in others. They do not claim it will be superior. Just more practical and cheaper
    Of course it will be for there purposes. Russia looks more to its interceptor abilities. Its ground attack abilities. The US in the F22 designed it primarily as an agressor aircraft. A penetrator. Russia like the USSR in the past always puts first emphasis on the interceptor role. That means most of the time it will be operating with ground radar support and SAM support with radars to help it see F22s coming well in advance. The clown above who claims all those mobile SAMS etc. Can be taken out by cruise missiles first is kidding himself. First those cruise missiles will have to get past those SAMs long range and the close in ones that protect systems like the S400. The Pak Fa and the F22. Two different aircraft for two different purposes. To me the beauty of the Pak Fa is it has an airframe that can live for a long time and be improved like the T10 series. That cant be said for the F35.

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