Watch Russia’s 5th Gen. stealth fighter perform stunning aerobatics, including “Cobra” and flat spin

Aug 09 2015 - 46 Comments

The Russian Sukhoi T-50 is going to be a tough adversary for both the F-22 and F-35.

A video published by the TV channel Zvezda shows a Sukhoi PAK FA prototype performing some stunning aerobatics that prove the excellent maneuverability of Russia’s next generation radar-evading fighter jet.

According to the Russians, in terms of maneuvering capabilities, the new aircraft will have no rivals both among its Russian-made predecessors and among the foreign combat planes.

The aircraft is a stealth equipped with a front, side and rear AESA radar, as well as L Band radars. It features TVC (Thrust Vectoring Control), a top speed exceeding Mach 2 and a supermaneuverability that makes the T-50 able to perform, among the others, even the famous Cobra maneuver.

It should carry a wide variety of weapons including air-to-air, air-to-surface and anti-ship missiles.

Although future air-to-air scenarios will probably not involve WVR (Within Visual Range) engagements, where supermaneuverability would give it an edge over most if not all its competitors, and provided it will solve all its problems and will be produced in significant numbers, the T-50 will become a tough adversary for the F-22 and F-35.


  • Uniform223

    I don’t know either but given the fact that from certain angles the engine face is visible is a “no no”. The PAKFA is supposed to have a slightly curved intake with a radar blocker. Though it will mitigate its frontal radar signature, its not as effective as intake designs of the F-22 and F-35. As stated before, the F-22 has and S shaped intake and F-35’s Y shaped intake insure that no matter the angle or distance, the engine face is never exposed.

    Also note the radar blocking element in the F-22’s intake to further reduce any radar return.
    The F-35 doesn’t need this because of it’s DSI design.

  • RedStatePatriot

    Well lets see, the radars that can detect stealth effectively have long antenna (as in several hundred yards long). they are stationary radars and are juicy target for cruise missiles in the opening hours of any campaign… If I were an enemy I would not count on those radars.

    AWACS…. we own those, the Russians tried to build an equivalent system for decades with the Mainstay Aircraft, it has been a total failure, they have some capability but not like the West.

    What makes me an expert on a Russian aircraft, well I never claimed to be (interestingly you don’t apply that rule to yourself).. if your standard is I can’t speak about it unless I flew it, then you need to shut up, because I am pretty sure you haven’t flown it. I am an Aerospace engineer, that has over 30 years i the industry, and I worked extensively on Military and Space propulsion programs at P&W for many years, and now work in the same field at another defense firm. I have worked on Stealth components for aircraft engines and I can tell you from the jump that PAK is NOT a stealth aircraft from that stand point. It does not even have serpentine inlets, or proper aft profile. I also do have some experience evaluating Russian hardware for a 3 letter agency in my past that will go nameless. What exactly makes YOU an expert?

    • Guy Jones

      It has been published on many aviation reports that the PAK is more stealthy than the f22 from certain angles, not so much from others. There have been radar systems developed that do make stealth redundant, the stealth planes still have a signature. If it is small but is moving at a rate of more than a few hundred kilometres per hour you know that this isn’t a pigeon and advanced systems will recognise this.

  • Uniform223

    and yet according to this independent sim the F-35 clubbed the Su-35s like they were baby seals…

    If I am not mistaken the Su-35 is considered gen 4++ by some…

  • Tony Vasic

    Russia was always far ahead with Fighter-Jets (Remeber the invented it in the Korean war (jet propulsion)) and Rocket Technologies. As well as Radar Systems and the stunning, excellent maneuverability, thats all You need to win a War. Sorry US-Dudes You better be Friend with Russia than with Germany (F*Kraut Nazis) and Turks, am I right? Lets hope Trump has more Brains

  • Tony Vasic

    Sure the US ist gonna be beat by Germany, at least my Grandpa told me that they beat the US in the 2nd World War on the West-Side. The US could only come in – after – the Russians killed the whole SS-Army on the east Side including Hitler. Now You gonna say thats not thruth? But he was there, You wasnt.

    • Benito Llan

      Appeal to authority much?

      Good luck with the USSR holding the front while they mobilized the industry and army, without Lend-Lease that both helped them directly and helped the UK and national resistances to attack and sabotage the German industry and supply lines (crucial for the Russian Winter to have such an effect and to the nazis not taking Stalingrad, Moscow and get to the Ural Oil Fields. And without the US creating trouble to the Japs, causing the total discard of their invasion to the USSR (Stalin had a lot of forces there because he was scared even despite Richard Sorge’s leak that they wouldn’t in 1938, and he was right to be scared).

      Beating the Axis Powers was a combined effort, but do not dream the USSR or the UK would have endured without the US.

      • Ross Kapernick

        The USSR won about 75/80 percent of WW2 in Europe according to most historians. Yes they got some gear from the USA in the early stages. Usually crap Britain did not want. If you want a good indication of who won WW2 in Europe just Google WW2 Aces in WW2 in Europe. The USSR flying there own aircraft lead the field by a long way. The AXIS second. The Commonwealth Nations third with the USA a very distant third. Nothing like the average “exceptional” in his small ignorant US mind thinks. Stalin was correct when he said. The D-day landings are to late and of very little use. Given another 6 months and we would have been at the French coast anyway. Being generous the US probably won about 7/8 percent of WW2 in Europe.

  • cartoon

    Somewhere out there, I forget where, are images of a Soviet-era fighter (pretty sure it was a prototype) with thrust-vectoring mechanisms IDENTICAL to that of the F-35. If I can figure out how the hell I found them in the first place, I will provide links. Pretty sure the engineer is still around. Maybe someone else knows what I’m talking about?

    • deadmanriding

      Maybe you’re thinking of the Yak-38?

  • tipoo2

    The F22 can by far out-turn the F-15 though.

  • tipoo2

    Did the last few years after the fix not happen?

  • Ross Kapernick

    Clearly you know very little. Stealth does not make them invisible. Like all things counters to stealth are being developed and improved all the time.

  • Ross Kapernick

    By the time India gets it and has the money to pay for the development of there version the new type30 engine will be ready. Even with its present engines it’s thrust to weight is about the same as the F22 if its weight comes in under the F22 as most experts expect. The Indians in keeping with there culture are still simply trying to bargain with Russia. Part of there culture.

  • Ross Kapernick

    Official Russian sources have said from day one they consider it when fully developed will equal the F22 in most areas and better it in others. They do not claim it will be superior. Just more practical and cheaper
    Of course it will be for there purposes. Russia looks more to its interceptor abilities. Its ground attack abilities. The US in the F22 designed it primarily as an agressor aircraft. A penetrator. Russia like the USSR in the past always puts first emphasis on the interceptor role. That means most of the time it will be operating with ground radar support and SAM support with radars to help it see F22s coming well in advance. The clown above who claims all those mobile SAMS etc. Can be taken out by cruise missiles first is kidding himself. First those cruise missiles will have to get past those SAMs long range and the close in ones that protect systems like the S400. The Pak Fa and the F22. Two different aircraft for two different purposes. To me the beauty of the Pak Fa is it has an airframe that can live for a long time and be improved like the T10 series. That cant be said for the F35.