Great video showing Brazilian air force jets on a training bombing mission

Laser Guided Bombs, attack runs and some low level flying in a cool footage featuring Brazilian Air Force A-1 light attack jets.

Known locally as “A-1”, the AMX light attack aircraft is the backbone of the Força Aérea Brasileira.

The Brazilian Air Force operates about 50 such aircraft, based at Santa Cruz, near Rio de Janeiro, and Santa Maria, to the west of Porto Alegre, and upgraded to the A-1M variant, that features a glass cockpit, advanced avionics, a Mectron SCP-01 Scipio radar, Embraer BR2 data link, FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red), and support for the DASH IV helmet mounted display.

The aircraft, flying with the 1 Esquadrão/16 Grupo de Aviação Esquadrão “Adelphi”, 1 Esquadrão/10 Grupo de Aviação Esquadrão “Poker” and 3 Esquadrão/10 Grupo de aviação Esquadrão “Centauro”.

The A-1s are used in the air-to-surface as well as the reconnaissance role, the same kind of missions flown by the type within the Italian Air Force, that has also used the AMX in combat during Allied Force in Kosovo, during Operation Unified Protector in Libya and in support of ISAF in Afghanistan.

Along with the F-5s, the A-1s will be replaced by the Brazil’s JAS-39E/F multi-role fighters.

The following footage shows the Brazilian AMXs during training activities on the range.

H/T Marcelo R Silva for the heads-up

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