[Photo] Rafale multi-role combat planes conduct first French air strike in Iraq

Sep 19 2014 - 4 Comments

The French Air Force has conducted the first air strike on a terrorist target in Iraq.

Two Rafales, one C-135FR Tanker were involved in a 7-hour mission from Al Dhafra to Iraq (1,700 kilometers) to destroy an ISIS  target in northern Iraq on Sept. 19.

Four GBU-12 LGB (Laser-Guided Bombs) were dropped by the two multi-role planes to hit a munition and fuel depot near the town of Zumar.

BDA French Air Strike

The target was obviously destroyed during this first (symbolic) mission that marked the beginning of the involvement of the French tactical planes in the air strikes against ISIS militants. Until today, the Rafale had been involved in reconnaissance missions.

Rafale first raid

In 2011, a French air strike conducted by a package which included Rafale jets opened the Libya Air War.

Rafale first strike

Image credit: French MoD