Air-to-Air image of RAF Typhoon Display Jet’s first flight with newly painted tail

The newly painted tail of the RAF Typhoon Display jet, from 29 Reserve (R) Squadron (Sqn) flew for the first time and accompanied by a Typhoon in the original design.

Royal Air Force (RAF) Coningsby in Lincolnshire is the homebase of 29(R) Sqn, whose role is to train new pilots destinated to the Typhoon.

Also belonging to the Sqn is Eurofighter Typhoon Display Team and Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt) Noel Rees, 2014 display pilot. This year the aircraft sports a special tail designed by Adam Johnson of Adam Johnson Concepts and painted by Serco contractors based at RAF Coningsby.

The special tail was completed in four days and contains the squadrons eblem, the buzzard and its famous XXX.

Image credit: Crown Copyright


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  1. You know in my eyes Typhoon looks so beautiful but I admire American Fighters specially F-16 which in my eyes is the most beautiful fighter jet in the world.

    • The F-16 is a sexy jet it reminds me of the modern day P-51 with its bubble canopy and the underbelly scoop jet intake.

  2. wow Typhoon is now much stronger faster and better.
    im sure it will destroy many F-22 now

  3. Love those beautiful aircraft, Typhoon, F-16, Spitfire etc, but also love that brute, the A-10.
    Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. Never more true.
    I would have loved to fly the A-10. I am envious of those who did.

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