Is this the shape of the new mysterious stealth jet spotted over Texas?

Some blurry pictures taken from the ground are all we know about a possibly new, unknown, U.S. stealth jet. Based on those images we have tried to figure out the shape of the mysterious plane.

On Mar. 10, 2014, three mysterious planes were spotted over Amarillo, Texas, by Steve Douglass, Dean Muskett and few fellow photographers.

The analysis of the photos shot by Douglass and Muskett showed something interesting: the aircraft was almost boomerang shaped and, based on the contrails, it was equipped with two engines (or at least two exhaust nozzles).

One of the images, seemed to show a loose resemblance with the B-2 “batwing” bomber, whereas another one, highlighted a shape reminiscent of an X-47B UCAV (Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle) killer drone.

As done years ago with the famous Stealth Black Hawk exposed by the Osama Bin Laden raid at Abbottabad, based on the grainy images available, I worked with artist Ugo Crisponi to create an image that melted the various details that could be guessed by the shots taken by Douglass and Muskett.

Therefore, the one you can see in this post is a possible shape of a large 6th Generation (probably manned) aircraft, seen over Amarillo; a Black Project, inspired by the B-2 Spirit and F-117 Nighthawk, with inputs from more recent UCAVs designs.

What do you think?


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    • No no no. It IS the latest Iranian stealth aircraft – flying over Texas to demonstrate Iranian technical superiority.

  1. I’d bet it’s unmanned!!! Doh….For the PC libs I mean un”personed”!!! Sorry!! Several years ago I had the chance to see the LAST Northrop prop flying wing, The N-9M at the PSP Air Museum. I met Gen Chuck Yeager 30 years ago on a flight. I asked him about the original Northrop Flying Wings. He said they weren’t stable enough to be good bombers with the eras electronics. Very nice guy. He signed my The Right Stuff book I was reading. Working for an airline has some great advantages.

  2. The dimensions of the illustration don’t appear to compare with the photo of the jet flying overhead. In the photo, the jet appears as long as it is wide. The illustration has wide wings compared with the length of the aircraft.

  3. Looks to me like a hobbyists RC plane, easily purchased from any hobby store/outlet across the country.

    • Right. Great answer there, you keep believing that an RC hobbyist plane is flying at 35,000 feet in formation with two multibillion dollar stealth bombers. That had to be the trolliest comment in the history of trolls. Please unplug your computer from the wall and get off the internet.

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