[Video] Egyptian DHC-5 Buffalo utility aircraft performs belly landing

Mar 29 2014 - 2 Comments

Quite unusual: an Egyptian Air Force plane is forced to perform a belly landing with extended nose gear.

You don’t see this kind of maneuver every day.

Reportedly filmed on Mar. 24, at an undisclosed airport, the following footage shows a textbook landing of an Egyptian Air Force DHC-5 Buffalo plane.

The transport plane suffered a failure that prevented its main landing gear from extending, forcing the Buffalo to attempt a belly landing.

The emergency ended with minor damage to the fuselage.

Recently we published another video showing an emergency landing on Dry Lake of a B-1B Lancer whose nose gear failed to extend.


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  • R.Lopaka

    Looked like main gear up landing to me. If only the nose gear had failed too!!

  • FoilHatWearer

    Nice landing, and good job chopping the engines just before touchdown.