Video Of Plane Crashing During Beach Take-Off Attempt in New Zealand

Jan 11 2014 - 3 Comments

On Jan. 10, a Jabiru J200 microlight on its first flight, from Ardmore to Whangarei, since a new engine was installed, made a successfully landing on a beach after a faulty fuel valve caused the engine to stop, but later failed to take-off crashing into the shore in Martins Bay, New Zealand.

Pilot Dennis Horn and co-pilot Mandred Scherbius managed to walk away from the light plane.

Military tactical transport planes around the world train to land and take off on beaches.

In Scotland, the three runways of the remote island of Barra, in the Outer Hebrides, are on a sandy beach (way larger than the improvised one in Martins Bay); scheduled flights can operate only when tide allows the De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otters serving the unusual airport from Glasgow to use the unsual landing strip.


H/T to Michael Guthenberg for the heads-up


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