Douglas C-47 Skytrain perfoms one of the lowest and craziest flybys ever

Jan 05 2014 - 5 Comments

The following video shows a Douglas C-47 Skytrain (military version of the DC-3 Dakota) performing a low flyby “at a private air strip no one around for miles and there was no dogs cats are birds harmed in the making of this video.”

Once again, an improvised and quite dangerous air display: most probably, you can’t fly a plane lower than this without crashing into the ground nor hitting the camera operator.

According to a user who commented the video on Youtube, the C-47 belongs to the Commemorative Air Force based in Texas but the color scheme and code (3A) worn by the Skytrain in the footage is different from those of the model currently flying with the CAF.

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  • Major Major Major

    It seems that low-flying pilots just won’t be happy until they kill someone a la Catch-22.

    • Jim Larkins

      This comment is a fake. It appears to be a post, but contains no sign of intelligence or comprehension of the source material, and this must be created by one of a billion monkey sitting at typewriters…

  • Sebastijan

    Pause the clip when the aircraft approaches the camera and compare the sight of a plane to the trees in the distance – don’t the proportions seem off to you? Also the prop pitch seems much much higher than on real Dakotas – my best bet is, this is a larger RC model of the venerable cargo hauler… it just looks too small to be a real one…

    • Agreed. Something doesn’t look right about the scale here. My bet is you’re right, it’s a large RC model and the audio is fake.

    • Jim Larkins

      What seems “off” is your logic. And your vision. And your conclusion.