[Photo] Russian Su-27 Flanker combat planes armed with Live missiles in Belarus

Mar 14 2014 - 22 Comments

The six Su-27 warplanes Russia deployed to Belarus to “counter massing of forces on the border” carry live missiles.

Russia has deployed six Russian Sukhoi-27 Flankers and three support transport planes to Bobruisk airfield in eastern Belarus, followingPresident Aleksandr Lukashenko’s request for help against potential NATO threat.

The Su-27s were spotted carrying live missiles: Russia’s standard peacetime QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) configuration, similar to that of many other air arms around the world.

The deployment is said to be a response to NATO, that is deploying U.S. F-16 to Poland, and E-3 AWACS to Poland and Romania, in anticipation of the referendum on Mar. 16 that will decide whether Crimea will join Russia.

Image credit: via @Missilito


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  • Mike

    I’am very happy that the United States of America thousands of nuclear bombs has to deter the Russian aggression!; that Russia not other parts of Europa will occupy!

    • R.Lopaka

      “…..that the United States of America thousands of nuclear bombs has to deter the Russian aggression!;” Not if Pres.Obama does away with US nukes.

  • R.Lopaka

    “President Aleksandr Lukashenko’s request for help against potential NATO THREAT.”. Yeah that evil NATO has invaded hundreds of countries!! Unlike that peaceful USSR & Puttin.

    • Peter the Great

      1. Afghanistan
      2. Bosnia
      3. FR Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)
      4. Libya

      • Dafidge9898

        I think he was being sarcastic

      • Mr. Denali

        Tell me, which of these countries are occupied by NATO or getting part of some NATO country?

        Kremlinbots should go back to their CCCP and bow down to Putler! Else they will be in Siberia in no time.

        • Peter the Great

          1. 2001 – current;

          2. 1995 – 2004 (Operation Joint Endeavour, Operation Joint Guard, and Operation Joint Forge);

          3.1999-current – supporting secession of Kosovo province from Serbia with the final aim to incorporate it into Albania, a NATO member.

          • Mr. Denali

            1. Afghanistan is part of which NATO country?
            2. Bosnia is part of which NATO country?
            3. There was a genocide, you know! Thats why NATO troops intervened, to stop that.
            You have now clue whatsoever. Go back to your cave and kiss the ass of your Führer.

  • Baroon Barry

    Usa and NATO are enemies of peace and Russia i Hope in a more decisive Chinese support for Russia in the European theater

    • Mr. Denali

      Drivel from Kremlinbot.

  • R.Lopaka

    Russia Captures US Drone over Crimea……..U.S. Denies Russia Captured US Drone over Crimea

    Friday, March 14, 2014

    On Friday, Russia claimed it caught a US intelligence drone in Crimea, an autonomous republic of Ukraine. According to reports, Rostec, a Russian state-owned corporation, brought it down electronically. The Pentagon released a statement, however, saying there was “zero truth” to the report.

    “The drone was flying at about 4,000 metres (12,000 feet) and was virtually invisible from the ground. It was possible to break the link with US operators with complex radio-electronic” technology, said Rostec in a statement.

    Russia is in full control of Crimea. The peninsula is holding a referendum on Sunday when the residents will choose to stay with Ukraine or join the Russian Federation. The vote is expected to go in Russia’s favor since over 58% of the population are ethnic Russians. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2014/03/14/Russia-Captures-US-Drone-Over-Crimea

    Pro-Russians and Russian forces took over many locations in Crimea, including the airport. They cancelled all flights at the airport except for those to and from Moscow.

    • TJ

      No they didn’t. The drone story is a very poor fabrication. Even Rostec has issued denials in both English and Russian. In the Rostec denial they even link back to the original website that initially posted the fabrication.

      ‘Official denial of the State Corporation

      Rostec does not confirm the information about the facts of use of the “Autobase” technical utility on the Crimea Peninsula

      Rostec State Corporation does not confirm the information concerning the facts of use of the “Autobase” technical utility on the Crimea Peninsula, which was published in a number of mass media.

      The State Corporation bears responsibility for the quality of its products but is by no means responsible for the relocation and the results of the use of the equipment supplied by the Corporation’s organizations within the framework of contractors’ orders.

      The abovementioned piece of information was originally published on the “Military Observer” Internet portal.

      Thereby the complete responsibility for the correctness, authenticity and reliability of the published information lies upon the editors of the “Military Observer”.’


      This is just a continuation of the disinfo campaign. You will also probably have seen and believed the supposed hacked e-mails from the US Defence official in Ukraine? There will likely be many, many more fabricated stories from individuals and groups.

  • rotor rat

    I think Russia with the help of some of its ‘allies’ are ‘secretly, in full view’, rearranging the balance of power in the east of Europe.
    Good luck to anyone who tries (as the US are) to negotiate a solution. I believe its ‘game on’ for Putin from here on in. It will end in tears, no doubt about it…

    • sferrin

      Putin and China both see the weakling in Washington and are emboldened by it. The next two years will be very “interesting” for our allies near those countries.

      • germanlion

        I agree. I miss Bush/Cheney

        • Victorinox

          Yes, we should react now the same way Bush/Cheney reacted to the Georgian Invasion of 2008…

          Oh wait… that’s what we are doing…

          “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straight forward and trustworthy” George Bush dixit

          • Jacek Siminski

            I miss Reagan

          • michael

            But Obama is worse than Carter in these affairs. I feel said for Kerry.

            • freewheelinfranklin543

              Obama was put into office by the same dweebs that gave us Jimmy Carter!

  • Joe

    Very interesting how they’re carrying R-73s (AA-10 Alamos) and not R-77s (AA-12 Adders)…

    • RyanF1

      Vympel R-73 is AA-11 Archer. Vympel R-27 is AA-10 Alamo.

  • germanlion

    Sounds like the Cold War is heating up again