[Photo] Russian Su-27 Flanker combat planes armed with Live missiles in Belarus

The six Su-27 warplanes Russia deployed to Belarus to “counter massing of forces on the border” carry live missiles.

Russia has deployed six Russian Sukhoi-27 Flankers and three support transport planes to Bobruisk airfield in eastern Belarus, followingPresident Aleksandr Lukashenko’s request for help against potential NATO threat.

The Su-27s were spotted carrying live missiles: Russia’s standard peacetime QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) configuration, similar to that of many other air arms around the world.

The deployment is said to be a response to NATO, that is deploying U.S. F-16 to Poland, and E-3 AWACS to Poland and Romania, in anticipation of the referendum on Mar. 16 that will decide whether Crimea will join Russia.

Image credit: via @Missilito


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