[Video] Russian soldier dazzles Ukrainian surveillance plane with laser

Mar 09 2014 - 3 Comments

Russian soldiers fired at a Ukrainian State Border Guard Service that was patrolling the border area along the Perekop Isthmus.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine’s press service has released an interesting video recorded by a Diamond DA42 light surveillance plane.

The unarmed four seat, twin engine, propeller-driven airplane was patrolling the border, keeping an eye on the numerous block-posts of Russian troops deployed along the Perekop Isthmus, in the northern part of Crimea, when it was fired upon.

Noteworthy, the Russians used what seems to be a green laser for either determine the range of the aircraft or blind the DA42’s onboard Wescam EO/IR camera.

H/T to Giuliano Ranieri for the heads-up


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