Chinese J-10A Fighter Jet Locks on Su-30MKK2 Flanker

Dec 21 2013 - 7 Comments

CCTV has aired footage taken during a recent PLAAF (People’s Liberation Army Air Force) exercise.

Among the images, there is also an interesting HUD capture showing a Lock On on Su-30MKK2 Flanker by a Chengdu J-10A, reportedly taken on Dec. 2, 2013.

The simulated lock-on is interesting, because HUD captures have rarely emerged from China and, above all, it was taken on a supermaneuverable fighter jet, serving with People’s Liberation Army Air Force, Indonesian Air Force, Vietnam People’s Air Force, Venezuelan Air Force and the Uganda People’s Defence Force.

Obviously, as previously explained, such captures are almost meaningless unless we know the RoE (Rules Of Engagement) of the dogfight, flight parameters, restrictions, etc.

Image via Chinese Military Review (H/T to Pietro Nurra for the heads-up).


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  • Luis Lopes

    Pure Propaganda from the PLAAF!!!

  • OG_Locc

    As you mentioned – If anything, this shows how meaningless these videos showing a simulated lock are. As if people are suddenly going to think a J-10 is going to out-dogfight an SU-30 because the PLAAF says so. LOL

    • sferrin

      It’s like the brouhaha when the Super Hornet F-22 “kill” shot hit the internet. My did the hens cluck. (Then Dozer explained the whole thing and everybody saw the BS for what it was. )

  • felix__-

    Su-30MKK2 or Su-30MKK? I think that Su-30MKK2 doesn’t exist, who exists is Su-30MKK (operated by PLAAF) and Su-30MK2 operated by PLANAF.

  • twistedneck

    Chinese keep this up the US defense budget will have to expand to address it. Thanks China, if it were not for your we would go into a post Vietnam cut back phase over the next 50yrs.

  • marco

    …and that HUD looks very Russian. Gun camera, target locked on (indicated by the weird A, which is Russian indeed). It can really be everything.

  • OG_Locc

    LMAO! Did you get paid 50 cents for that one? Because nobody would proudly post such ignorance without some sort of motivation.