Brand New Image of the famous Iranian F-313 Stealth Fighter Jet emerges

Earlier this year Iran unveiled the Qaher F-313 stealth fighter jet “one of the most sophisticated fighter jets in the world,” according to Tehran.

Even if Iranian media outlets published articles that listed the aircraft’s top features, based on the first (and only) images released on Feb. 2, 2013, we explained that the Qaher would never fly unless it was extensively modified and improved.

No more images of the F-313 have been released since then, until a new photo (taken by a user nicknamed “Iranian Spotters”) has emerged on Pakistan Defense forum, an image that allegedly shows the Qaher being moved to be prepared for taxi tests.

The new image (possibly partly photoshopped, based on some suspect blurry details on the tails and elsewhere) doesn’t add much to what we have already seen: the aircraft is probably the same (mock-up) plane showcased on Feb. 2.

Image credit: “Iranian Spotters” via Pakistan Defence forum

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  1. Can’t imagine tying down a multi-million dollar prototype with cargo straps around the cockpit…and the leading edges. Looks like the metal ratchet is laying without padding on the fuselage. You would think that even a fiberglass mockup would get treated better.

  2. Not a lot of weight indicated on the nose wheel or on the wheels of the carts underneath it either.
    I cant really see a lot of deflection on any of the wheels..interesting to see if the watermark can be removed for some casual measurements

  3. It more looks like they’re towing the mockup out to some anonymous garbage heap since they haven’t fooled anybody. Although maybe it’s a test flight – it looks like if the tie-downs weren’t there, the plywood fabricated model would just fly off the transporter.

  4. Is it on the two carts because the wheels do not turn?
    How is he gonna unload it, roll it off the back of the carts??
    Makes no sense.

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