[Video] Small plane lands on deck of a cargo ship. A future for low cost naval aviation?

Some small navies around the world (or largest ones with budget problems) may consider this set up: a small, STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) plane and a flat deck merchant ship for future low cost naval aviation?

Just kidding.

Still, the video, recorded with several cameras including some inside the plane and others on a Cessna 172 camera ship, is interesting as it shows the extreme STOL Foxbat A22 landing on a modest 3,500-ton multipurpose vessel 93 meters in length.

The small aircraft was flying just above stall speed, the ship was sailing at 9 knots into the wind and, even if the air speed was enough to keep the Foxbat flying, the speeed relative to the ship was almost zero.

Using a procedure that vaguely reminds that of real STOVL planes (like the F-35B and, above all, the AV-8B Harrier) approaching an amphibious assault ship, the A22 nears the deck in front of bridge 60 metres x 15 meters and then almost falls vertically to touchdown.

H/T to Michael Guthenberg for the heads-up


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  1. Shades of the Falklands War and the make-do/can-do attitude that helped the UK win it.

    Small and simple is a good idea for the Royal Navy to pursue, rather than the huge aircraft carrier/s now building.

    • Im sure BAE could quickly up the costs ;-) I love the irony now that the carriers the UK have paid for cost MORE then the nuclear powered super carriers of the USA! £6bn for 2 helicopter cruisers :-p

    • Dutch pilot flying a Ukrainian aircraft and landing on a Dutch ship. Not sure how this reminds you of the UK “can do” attitude.

      Well it is called the English Channel…at least by the English.

  2. A Piper super Cub would eat that for lunch. I’ve seen pilots fly them in reverse. That ship would be a piece of cake.

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