F-14, F-4 and F-5 jets: not the U.S. Navy of the ’70s but today’s National Army Day in Iran

Apr 21 2013 - 24 Comments

On Apr. 18, Iran celebrated the traditional National Army Day in honor of its land, sea and air forces.

As usual, along with the parade, the event featured an aerial display by the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) which included F-14s, F-5s, F-4s, Saeqeh and Su-24s.

According to the Press TV, “after the military parade, Iran’s military commanders said their forces are more than ever ready to defend the country against foreign threats, including those of the United States and its ally Israel. The Iranian Army has in recent months staged several drills to test-fire different types of home-made missiles and torpedoes. The army has also tested a large number of home-made submarines, gun ships, artillery, helicopters, fighter jest, drones, air defense and electronic systems.”

It will take at least some time before the recently unveiled Qaher 313 stealth fighter plane will be able to attend the yearly aerial display…..

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  • Kalle Karlsson

    where do they buy the spare parts to the planes?

    • They don’t buy em, they make em.

    • Bentley

      They don’t, those things are held together with spit and duct tape or homemade parts. Which is why they look solid, but they are a joke of an Air Force/air defense. Any modern country would take them apart in the first 48 hours of conflict.

    • Noah Rechtin

      I just want them to keep flying those F-14s as often as they can. The more they’re used, the faster parts degrade and the worse condition the aircraft are in for lack of replacements. Plus, we get some awesome F-14 video out of it as well. We can’t lose!

  • I love the refueling probes out on the F-14’s, do they have any ability to refuel??

  • Noah Rechtin

    Here’s what I can’t figure out: Why do they paint their F-5s in the color scheme of the Great Satan’s naval display squadron? You would think they wouldn’t want to emulate their sworn enemy.

    • Bored Dude

      They use aircraft designed, built and sold by their sworn enemy.

    • Dara

      I don’t see any F-5s in any of these photos. Why are these comment sections always a magnet for morons?

  • ST0RM

    Funny that they start the F-5’s engines with the intake plugs still in. Their jet engine sound isnt even dubbed well. What a crock!

  • A Vintage air force

  • sfensphan

    Anybody know what aircraft is shown at 1:14? It looks like an F-5, but F-5 have a single vertical.

    • Bored Dude

      The F-5 in the pic below the vid has twin stabilizers.

      • cencio4

        That’s an indigenous modification: they call it Saeqeh

        • Spencerhut

          It’s an F-5 with the addition of a second vertical stab from a crashed F-5. They just Gorilla glue (not real Gorilla glue, cheap Afgani knock off Gorilla glue) them on after donor F-5 crashes since the vertical stab is the only part that survives.

  • HawkerPilot

    Flexing muscle? Not a single missile on those aircraft.

  • MattC86

    Aircraft taking off at 2:00 looks like a Mirage F1 – former Iraqi aircraft?

    • Geronime

      Very good question, MattC86. Whatever did happen to those Iraqi Air Force jets that fled to Iran from our attack during the ’91 Gulf War?? I would assume that that the Iranians would go to as much effort to keep them flying, especially the Mirage F1s, as they have to keep the F-14s flying.

  • ijk

    @2minutes 11 seconds, that’s a very rare never to be repeated sight? F14 taking off with an F-4 in the background climbing out!!

  • EveryManBill

    f-14 tomcat only jet in world capable of out dogfighting su-27 family (su27, su30, su34, su35, su37) jet fighters.

  • Joey Davis

    Am I being morbid;
    or would anyone else like to see them send a few of those (antiquated) F-14s up against a flight of F-15s?
    They wouldn’t have a prayer against a few F-22s, or 35s.