Here’s how a boom operator refuels an A-10 from a KC-135 tanker

Feb 26 2013 - 3 Comments

The following video is not only interesting for the stunning footage showing some A-10C Warthog aircraft with 190th Fighter Squadron refueling from a KC-135 but because it shows, from a quite unusual point of view, how the “boomer” (the operator who controls and moves the flying boom) works.

At 00:50 you can see the boom operator lying over the large window located on the tail of the KC-135 aerial refueler and moving the flying boom by means of joystick.


Needless to say, the privileged observation position makes the “boomer” job, one of the most interesting in the Air Force.

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  • jm

    When I was a kid we had a family friend who was a boomer and I remember my dad explaining how they “operate on their bellies.” I never could figure out why so many Stratotanker crew needed medical operations on their stomachs or how the boomer had time to do that plus fuel planes, but hey, if a grown up said it, it must have been true.

  • You should see the view on take off and landing from in there with the window open

  • Jihad

    That shows they can’t refuel by night ?