Video shows French Mirage, Rafale combat planes at work in Mali Air War

Jan 17 2013 - 5 Comments

With information officially released by the French MoD becoming scarce (and reporters from all around the world either embedded with Paris Special Forces or simply stationed around the main bases in West Africa, being denied the possibility to provide much details about the ongoing Operation Serval for OPSEC issues) the only way to get a glimpse of what is going on in Mali Air War is almost exclusively through the images and footage of the French Air Force’s Sirpa Air.

In this post you can watch a video of the Mirage F1CR, moved from N’Djamena to Bamako to undertake QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) duties from the airport of Mali capital town, and the Rafale Air multirole jets refueling during a strike mission.

The current unconfirmed Order of Battle of the French forces in Mali (as of Jan. 16) is made of:

  • 4x Rafale, 2x C-135FR, 1x A310, 1x C130, 3x C-160 Transal, 4x Mirage 2000D, 1x CN235 at N’Djamena, Chad
  • 2x Mirage F1CR, 8x Gazelle, 4x Super Puma at Bamako, Mali

Rafale over Mali

Image credit: FAF

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  • Will Scharf

    Shouldn’t that be Mirage F1CT, not CR? Isn’t the CR variant a recon platform?

  • ALFaviation

    1/F1CT are retired, only F1CR and few F1B at ER2/33 BA118 Mt de Marsan

    2/several Mirage 2000D from N’Djamena are believed to be at Bamako with the two Mirage F1CR

  • Will Scharf

    So they’re using a recon platform for bombing runs?

  • ALFaviation

    F1CR does the job with two Mk.82 and a single 30mm gun at Bamako, no need F-35 fot that

  • ALFaviation

    now, 2000D are in Bamako, so F1CR will do the recce job