Awesome video shows what a fine piece of machinery the Air Force’s C-5 Galaxy’s landing gear system is

Nov 19 2012 - Leave a Comment

After publishing a series of posts about the C-5 Galaxy, readers have sent me a lot of interesting links to both articles and videos of the gigantic U.S. Air Force cargo plane.

The one in this post is an interesting footage filmed with a camera mounted on the aircraft’s main landing gear.

The enormous C-5 Galaxy features a really interesting and complex tricycle-type landing gear system. The main landing gear consists of four main units fitted in tandem pairs, each with a six-wheel bogie with two forward and four rear wheels. MLG’s units have an offset swiveling capability: the rear main landing gear is steerable for a 20 degrees left or right for crosswind landings, and it rotates 90 degrees horizontally before it is retracted after takeoff.

The entire landing gear consists of a total of 28 wheels.

Noteworthy, the landing gear can lower so the cargo floor is at truck-bed height to facilitate vehicle loading and unloading and it can also raise each set of wheels, for maintenance purposes.

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