Scary C-5 Galaxy (almost hydroplaning) takeoff from a flooding runway

Nov 17 2012 - 5 Comments
  • That Guy
  • Jeff

    I watched the video a few times and the water never entered the engine. Due to the nose gear, it did run down the side of the fuselage in between the inboard engine, but not into the intake.

  • Bill G.

    Noted for future reference. When the unit files any future Deficiency Report for any landing gear on this jet: DENIED!

  • Alwayswrong

    This site with the drama! Do you actually know anything about aircraft operations? Scary takeoff? The guys at WPAFB are laughing as usual at the stupid conclusions you feed your ignorant viewers. Lots of water being pushed by a big jet, nothing else to report! “Dirty water in the intakes?” laughably stupid.

  • Bill G.

    Alwayswrong, the only thing the post said was RISK of dirty water into the engines and RISK of hydroplaning. You injected your own drama, chief.