Watch this huge C-5 Galaxy doing an “almost” touch and go at Westover Air Reserve Base

Sep 24 2012 - 1 Comment

Filmed at Westover Air Reserve Base, Massachusetts, on Sept. 20, 2012, the following video shows a C-5B Galaxy aircraft of the 439th AW (Airlift Wing) doing an “almost” touch and go during a training sortie.

Noteworthy, on final approach, due to the crosswind, the pilot “crabs” the C-5 to apply a WCA, Wind Correction Angle (nose and tail are aligned with the wind direction while the aircraft follows a different course).

Just before touchdown, the pilot reduces the WCA angle (he “decrabs” the plane) to align the wheels with the runway but, in this case, the aircraft doesn’t touch the ground and performs a go around.

  • Mark

    He performed missed approach or a go around. Pick one.