First Eurofighter Typhoon jets in new unit markings at Trapani

Oct 29 2012 - 1 Comment

The following pictures were taken by Michele Carrara at Trapani airbase, where the local based 18° Gruppo (Squadron) of the 37° Stormo (Wing) has recently been officially delivered the first Eurofighter Typhoon jets.

The image prove that the fifth Italian squadron equipped with the F-2000A (as the Typhoon is designated by the Italian Air Force) has already given its first aircraft brand new markings.

Image credit: Michele Carrara

Among the last operative units to operate the legendary F-104 Starfighter in 2003, the 18° Gruppo was the last to fly the F-16 leased by the U.S. and returned last summer to the AMARG.

The Italian Typhoons are not new to Trapani airbase: besides being regularly deployed there to take part to live firing activities in the Sardinian ranges, F-2000As of both the 4° Stormo from Grosseto and 36° Stormo from Gioia del Colle, took part to Operation Unified Protector enforcing the No-Fly Zone over Libya in 2011.