German Eurofighter Typhoons train in Sardinia to improve air-to-air skills

Sep 14 2012 - 2 Comments

The following pictures, taken few days ago by The Aviationist’s Giovanni Maduli at Decimomannu airbase, Italy, show the German Eurofighter Typhoons of the Jagdgeschwader 73 (Fighter Wing 73) “Steinhoff” during their “summer training camp” in the Sardinia’s ACMI (Air Combat Maneuvering Installation) ranges.

The German Air Force single and double seat F-2000s are involved in air-to-air training sorties that involve BAE Systems’ A-4Ns as well as GFD’s Learjet 35 target tugs.

The Luftwaffe’s Typhoon performed very well in the air defense role during the recent Red Flag Alaska, where four Eurofighters are believed to have accounted for 16 simulated kills from 18 simulated missile shots on one sortie.

“Yesterday we had Raptor salad for lunch” a  German Typhoon pilot said after dogfighting with the F-22 at Red Flag Alaska.

During the RF-A, in one German-led DCA (Defensive Conter Air) mission, the friendly force achieved a record score of 38:1; 38 planes shot down, one lost.