You won't believe it: UK considered bringing back one aircraft carrier and the Harrier for Libya

Can you remember the famous possible, reportedly imminent, UK’s U-turn on the F-35 version that we already discussed here?

It looks like another resounding decision could have been reversed during last year’s Libya operations, when London considered bringing back to operative service the aircraft carriers and Harrier “jump jets” axed by the much criticised Strategic Defense and Spending Review.

Such admission suggests the David Cameron Cabinet has not clear ideas about the future of the UK military.

In November 2011, 72 former RAF’s Harrier jets were sold to the USMC for a mere 180 million USD.

They will not be used for spare parts: the Marines plan to equip at least two squadrons with some of the UK’s Harrier GR9 models with plenty of upgrades and lot of experience in Afghanistan…..

Harrier GR9

Image credit: Jez B/Flickr

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