Special patches

For the event held in Trapani on Jun. 8 (to read more click here and here) to celebrate the 1.000 hours on the F-16 by the two squadron commanders, the 10° and 18° Gruppo presented some brand new patches:

These are the two patches made to celebrate the 1.000 hours (left, the 18° Gruppo patch, right, the 10° Gr one)

These are the two new patches made by the 18° Gruppo

These are the patches made to celebrate the 1.000 hours or 2.000 hours on the F-104 and F-16 Air Defense Fighters. These are worn by pilots of both squadrons

The Lockheed Martin celebrative patch on the Cheero (left) and Masa (right) flight suits

The patches worn by Fats (Capt. Pier Francesco Grassi). Fats gave me the lower one (1.000 hours ADF) as a gift after the flight

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