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Here are some crazy cool shots of a Polish F-16 performing a “sunset display” at the Leszno airshow

F-16 Block 52+ releasing plenty of flares and all the other highlights of the Leszno Air Picnic.

On Jun. 17 and 18 we visited the Leszno Aeroclub airfield, in collaboration with Foto Poork, during the 10th edition of the Leszno Air Picnic, which is organized annually by the city of Leszno.

The event, strongly focused on gliders and non-powered flight, includes evening/night displays that have become Leszno’s peculiar feature. During this part of the event, the aircraft perform a number of flying displays involving spectacular pyrotechnical and light-based special effects, creating a truly unique and marvelous show. It is the only sunset/night air show organized in Eastern Europe, and one of the two air shows of this kind in Europe in general, besides the Sanicole Show in Belgium.

2016_06_18_Leszno_02 (2)

Obviously, even though the night section is the main highlight of the show, it is complemented by a rich daytime flying program: some of the teams usually present their skills twice, both during the day, as well as during the night and sunset segments.

This year’s edition of Leszno Air Picnic was unique also due to some “firsts,” including the display of the Polish Air Force F-16 “Tiger Demo Team.

2016_06_18_Leszno_0003 (3)

Flying an interesting “sunset” programme that included the release of several flares, Captain Robert “Bluto” Galązka aboard its “clean” F-16 Block 52+ took the stage during the Leszno airshow.


Another unique highlight was a dynamic display of two WW2 fighter aircraft – P-51 Mustang and Yak-3. These warbirds, besides the individual show, also carried out several formation flypasts.


The Air Picnic also involved aerobatic teams, including “The Flying Bulls” aerobatic team, performing a new program with four aircraft; the Czech “Follow Me” Formation Flying Team, flying the Zlin aircraft, that showcased a unique team flying skill set maitaining minimum distance between the airframes.

Obviously, the Air Picnic would not be complete without involvement of glider aerobatics.


Here, “The White Wings” team hailing from Romania was one of highlights. Their show created almost a romantic atmosphere, demonstrating the beauty of engine-less flying. Additionally, Johann Gustafsson attended the show, presenting his aerobatics program.


The night portion of the show belonged to two main actors: AeroSparx and FireFlies. Besides the gliders that have displayed awesome light and fire show, the teams mentioned above have brought the display to a whole new level.

This year’s edition of the show was successful also organization-wise. When it comes to the photographing – it is done against the sun during the day. Thanks to the courtesy of the organizers and Foto-Poork team, we also had a chance to take several shots on the other side of the airfield area, and realize an air-to-ground photoshoot from a Cessna 172.

Non-powered flight bears some degree of romanticism and primal nature, it constitutes an amazing “different” thing, which allows you to get some rest during the long air show season, filled with the sound of the afterburner.

We would like to highly recommend the Leszno Show: the organization and program constitute a pleasant surprise of the 2016 season and the event cannot be rated highly enough.


Image Credit: Jacek Siminski and Aleksandra “Alex” Kuczyńska

Watch an epic Blue Angels low take off from an awesome point of view

It must have been quite loud.

Pretty cool video showing Blue Angel #7 taking off from Runway 23L at Willow Run Airport for the Thunder Over Michigan airshow.

As usual, the low transition is followed by a high performance climb.

H/T Emiliano Guerra for the heads-up


"Are you sure to be able to take off with the closed air intakes?": Yakovlev Yak-130 anti-FOD system disorientates Farnborough Tower

During a media briefing held at Farnborough, Irkut‘s vice-president Konstantin Popovich recounted a funny episode that had occurred during the Yakovlev Yak-130 combat trainer first flight at the Airshow 2012.

The Russian aircraft is equipped with shields that close the air intakes for FOD (Foreign Object Damage) prevention. The system is intented to enable the Irkut-built Yak-130 to operate from unpaved/unprepared runways.

“You can not taxi because the air intakes are closed” Farnborough ATC controllers told the Yak-130 aircrew. Even after explaining that the engine-shields were a normal feature of the plane, the Tower asked if they were sure to be able to take off with the closed intakes.

Canopy fogging caused F-16 runway overrun at Oshkosh

An Alabama Air National Guard pilot had a close call when his F-16 developed a problem with the onboard environmental control system which leads to his cockpit canopy fogging up. The pilot was landing after taking part in an airshow at Wittman Airport, Oshkosh, Wis., when the ventilation system failed and condensation formed during the final approach.

With his vision obscured, the pilot from the 187th Fighter Wing at Dannelly Field Alabama  tried to de-mist the canopy, most likely in a similar manner to a car’s windshield but was ultimately unsuccessful. So he managed to land the F-16 on the runway but veered off onto soft ground that snapped the front landing gear and the airframe then dug into the grass causing some $5 million worth of damage.

Being distracted by the fogging problem the pilot failed to apply the air brake that would have effectively reduced the fast touch-down speed and stop the aircraft in the available remaining runway.

Investigators said in their report that the aircraft had been maintained correctly therefore the root cause was a random component failure.

The lack of casualties and the non fatal damage to the aircraft shows how much skill the pilot had: in spite of his inability to evaluate the remaining runway and his vision obscured by the fogged canopy, he decided to ride the stricken Falcon in rather than risk hundreds of casualties on the ground by ejecting.

Richard Clements for The Aviationist

F-18 shows "God's light" deploying flares at airshow

The following video shows a Finnish Air Force F-18 and The Midnight Hawks deploying flares into the clouds during the Kauhava Midnight Sun Airshow in Finland.

The light of the “F-18 bonfire” seems to radiate from a single point in the sky creating the same optical effect that rays of sunlight create when streaming through gaps in clouds: the so-called Light of God.

The Midnight Sun Airshow is a traditional  airshow held each year at the end of June. It starts at 7 PM and lasts close to midnight .

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.1013171&w=425&h=350&fv=]

via Tgcom.it