All the highlights of Malta International Airshow 2016

Here are the most interesting aircraft that took part in Malta International Airshow. Ukrainian Flankers aside…

As already reported, two Ukrainian Air Force Flankers, a Su-27 and a Su-27UB (58 BLUE and 71 BLUE), supported by an Il-76 Candid, were the most interesting guests of this year’s edition of the Malta International Airshow.

However, other interesting aircraft took part in the yearly airshow.

Among these, the aircraft of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM), such as AgustaWestland AW.139 helicopter, the Alouette III and the King Air B200 of the Armed Forces of Malta Air Wing.



In particular, AS1630, the third AW.139 helicopter of the AFM (the others being AS1428 and AS1429), that was delivered from AgustaWestland on Sept. 22, and flew from Vergiate, Italy, to Malta, via Frosinone, Italy.


Other interesting aircraft were two U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon (Maritime Patrol Aircraft), one of those took part in the flying display over Smart City on Sept. 24. The P-8s have been deployed to Sigonella airbase, Sicily, Italy, from where they have conducted missions over the Black Sea and off Syria for the last weeks.


Other attendees included a French Navy Falcon 50, a Polish Navy M-28, a Portuguese Air Force C-295 MPA and the Polish Air Force Team Iskry.


Image credit: Estelle Calleja




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