Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 Flankers rock Malta International Air Show

Sep 27 2016 - 24 Comments

Two Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 Flankers and one accompanying Il-76 have been among the highlights of the Malta International Airshow. And here some really cool shots of such interesting aircraft.

Malta hosted the traditional airshow over the last weekend.

Even though bad weather conditions forced the organization to cancel the aerial display over Smart City on Sunday Sept. 25, the arrival of the participants as well as the Saturday’s show provided an opportunity to take some cool shots of the most interesting aircraft that visited Malta airport in Luqa for the event.

Surely, the most awaited guests of this year’s edition of the Malta International Airshow were the two Su-27 Flanker jets of the Ukrainian Air Force.

Indeed, a Su-27 and a Su-27UB (58 BLUE and 71 BLUE), supported by an Il-76 Candid landed at the Maltese airport on Sept. 22: the Ukrainian trio arrived in style, performing a low passage over the runway before coming to landing.

By the way, this once again proves that Ukrainian pilots do love low-level flying


On Friday Sept. 23, some photographers were given the opportunity to get some shots of the aircraft at night. Our contributor Estelle Calleja was among them and took the stunning shots you can find in this post.



The two-seater Su-27UB took part in the late afternoon flying segment over Smart City with a solo display that included release of flares. This was the first time the airshow took place over the area.



Both aircraft left Malta on Monday Sept. 26. The two Flankers performed a formation takeoff for runway 05, followed by a right hand turn and a low pass to bid farewell to Malta after an attendance that will be long remembered.

Stay tuned for a new article about all the other highlights of the air show that we will publish in the next few days!

Image credit: Estelle Calleja


  • Sir leroy

    A nice old fighter jet. Never could compete in combat v. F-15, but it is a good fit for airshows.

    • Uniform223

      careful… you will incur the wrath of Russian and Flanker fanboys.

      • Pepe Le Cox

        Dont worry, we get used to leroy!, and by the way, the russian fanboys are moderated in a way that our responses are delayed one or more days to appear online! dont know if you have the same situation. Mine is a particular case.

        • Daniel Martin

          I have been experiencing exactly the same problem, my comments appear sometimes as a week after, and I think this is deliberate this no coincidence, that anything comment that is positive about Russia is automatically being delayed for as much as in some cases as up to a week! I’m sure that there are more of us that is experiencing this problem, and that is really lame of the aviationist i must say since it is so obvious that they are doing this deliberately.

          • cencio4

            stop with such nonsense. Your comment was posted 22 minutes ago.
            Unfortunately it takes time to moderate all comments here. Sometimes days, almost never weeks.

            Anyway, the comment policy is clear. You have a message and link before the comment section (see screenshot below):


      • Max Grishin

        It’s ok. Leroy right, ukrainian Su-27P is old bird. Unlike Su-30SM or Su-35S.

        • franciwzm

          su27-su30amd su35 have all same aerodinamic performances ( very good subsonic itr, so so subsonic ctr, awful in supersonic envelope) and share same very bad bvr missiles and huge rcs,drag and thermal signature…who cares if su-35 engines are more reliable or its pesa have slightly max range at max power: su35’s radar at max power gonna be detected 600km far and it is much more sensitive to ecm then eurofighter captor…Same old concept: dogfight at slow speed for one chance only (bad energy savers) of laaunching a wvr missile limited in degree coverage ( modern wvr like IRIS_T have 360 degrees coverage and it is intended more as a difensive weapon ,beeing well capable to intercept hostile missiles ,then as an offensive one)…At least f15 flight envelope is more balanced towards supersonic envelope, not mentioning much better missiles, aesa radar, avionics…An su-35 cannot be on par with an f15k unless it gets amraam c8 at least…R77 sucks and it is very scarce in numbers…

    • Daniel Martin

      You should be carful with such assumptions, you just might get disappointed …

  • Marco

    WHAT? Turn around and fight! The battlefront is in the opposite direction!
    What is the reason to pay some golden bills for armed forces if they go playing in Malta while their Country is invaded?

  • New User

    No Boeing airliner “kill” symbols painted upon their fuselages then?

  • im sure they have better things to be doing like defending their country

  • Mongee Phase

    Beautiful paint job. Shame the Ukrainians are gonna pass on Pak-Fa and are probably opting for American warplanes instead, but i doubt F-35 is on the table… F-15 or F/A 18 more like it… On another note I do hate seeing Antonov crippled and restrained. It was founded in Novosibirksk, USSR aka Russia so its kinda off a weird situation since Ukraine gained their Independence in 1991. I do wounder if Russia has any schematics on Antonov.

  • franciwzm

    bigger then amraam, heavier, less ecm resitance, inferior radar, inferior official max range (305 less then amraamc8 despite beeing much bigger nad heavier) scarce in numbers…Official specs…You can read them by your own….now in western countries is time for amraam-d and meteor…

    • rats123

      And where did you get this information from?

      • franciwzm

        From production companies, R77 included…

    • Jacopo Siliprandi

      are you talking about the not yet fielded 120D? never heard of C8

  • Uniform223

    “the f-15 falls apart before reaching combat zone. IOC was 1975, we have 2016 now.”

    well it should come as a surprise to you that the USAF intends to now keep the F-15C until at least 2040 after an expansive and in-depth SLEP.

    Needless to say it wont be your daddy’s F-15C any more. After the purposed SLEP the future F-15C would be as different as a F-16C Block 50 is to a F-16A Block 15.

    The USAF originally intended to replace the F-15C with the F-22 but we all know how that turned out. Because the F-15E Strike Eagle was a newer aircraft they intend to keep it around to about 2030 and will be eventually phased out and replaced by (most likely) F-35.

  • Jacopo Siliprandi

    or the airline