GoPro video shot from inside an A-10 Thunderbolt flying a Hawg Smoke 2016 mission

This is how BRRTTTTT sounds from inside the Hog’s cockpit.

Hawg Smoke is a biannual competition, gathering A-10C Thunderbolt II jets from several U.S. Air Force units and featuring strafing, high-altitude dive-bombing, low-angle high-delivery, Maverick missile precision.

Hawg Smoke 2016 saw 48 A-10C Warthog aircraft from 13 team operate at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, between Jun. 2-4.

This clip shows what a mission that includes GAU-8 Avenger strafing looks like from inside the cockpit: the 30mm rotary cannon is the Hog’s primary weapon and is able to fire 3,900 bullets per minute.


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