Russian fighters often shadow German Tornados over Syria but “they do it professionally” Luftwaffe says

Feb 17 2016 - 11 Comments

Close encounters in the skies over Syria between Russian and German fighters.

As reported by several media outlets on Feb. 16, Russian Air Force (RuAF) fighter jets often shadow German Air Force (GAF) Tornados performing reconnaissance missions in Syrian airspace.

Although shadowing a foreign combat plane in Syria’s skies filled with jets and UAVs may lead to some tense situations, as explained by, both sides act professionally and prevent incidents.

A claim that was also confirmed by Lt. Gen. Joachim Wundrak, a Luftwaffe official recently returned from anti-ISIS coordination center in Qatar, who told to Rheinische Post daily that RuAF pilots take no aggressive actions against their German colleagues and that no incidents have been registered because “those encounters go on professionally.”

Wundrak revealed that among the aircraft used by the RuAF to shadow German Tornados there are also the 4++ generation Su-35S Flanker air superiority fighters which joined the air war over Syria few weeks ago.

In his opinion RuAF performs this kind of sorties to make clear that “unlike the international (US-led) anti-IS coalition, they operate at the invitation of the legitimate Syrian government.”

Nevertheless according to Wundrak these encounters are carried out safely also because Luftwaffe pilots know how to interact with their Russian colleagues thanks to the experience they gained during the Baltic Air Policing mission, where Germany regularly provides fighter jets for patrolling airspace of NATO member states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, countries that do not have interceptor jets to secure their own airspace.

The Luftwaffe has deployed six Tornado fighter bombers and an Airbus tanker to NATO’s Incirlik airbase in Turkey as part of Germany’s contribution to the war against Islamic State.

GAF Tornado

Top image: Pavel Vanka; Bottom image: Bundeswehr


  • Alberto Tedeschi

    It is like to say that there are various NATO led nations, with various acknowledgements!

  • More Power

    So they do it on purpose when they intercept US planes… Understandable give all the Russian aggression from the US government and media. I don’t think Russia is a threat But ISIS? Come on Gen. Paul Selva.

    • Dr. Douglas Fargo

      What’s with the anti-west stance?

    • sferrin

      Big difference between a Tornado and a lumbering elint aircraft.

  • nikoliy

    Turkish pilots should take notes…

    • sferrin

      Russia learned their lesson the hard way. Now they play nice.

    • vegass04 .

      Only one who should take notes are the Russians. Turks shot down their jet and after a lot of barking Putin banned tangerine import from Turkey.. Buahahaha…

  • Jan Schmidt

    russia on behalf of syria polices syrian airspace. it is that simple. while merkel calls for a no-fly zone it already is there… interception and visual ID of aircraft in the zone is routine business.
    the luftwaffe knows better than to piss of RuAF.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    So they are observing the fighter jets, pilots, and methods used by the planes that patrol the skies of the baltic regions hmm….. If I was Germany I wouldnt be bragging about how professional they are and worry more about why they are so interested in them.

  • Phil Verhey

    “Legit government ” that’s a laugh … a homicidal dictatorship is never “legit”

    • Bez

      Homicidal terrorist groups sponsored by foreign states are also never legit.