In Pictures: what a multinational MEDEVAC mission involving 11 helicopters looks like

Here’s a look at the Medical Evacuation mission conducted during Italian Blade 2015.

A complex MEDEVAC involving 11 helicopters from 6 different nations was among the highlights of Italian Blade 2015, the largest military rotary-wing exercise held this year in Europe at Viterbo airfield, about 80 km north of Rome, Italy.

On Jun. 29, 1x Italian Army NH-90, 1x Italian Navy EH-101, 1x German Air Force CH-53 and 2x German Army UH-1Ds, 2x Austrian AB-212s, 1x Hungarian Mi-17, a Slonenian Cougar and 2x Czech Air Force Mi-24s simulated the medical evacuation of wounded soldiers from a site located near Tarquinia, in a simulated contested battlefield.

Our photographer Alessandro Fucito took all the images of the operation that you can find in this post.

Italian Blade 2015 096
A Luftwaffe CH-53G approaching the landing zone.
Italian Blade 2015 107
A NH.90TTH of the 26º Gruppo AvEs (Aviazione Esercito) with side mounted machine guns lands during the MEDEVAC mission.
Italian Blade 2015 113
Soldiers getting out of the Hungarian Mi-17 to secure the area.
Italian Blade 2015 128
AB.212 and UH-1Ds approaching the landing zone
Italian Blade 2015 137
Snipers aboard the Slovenian Cougar check for any hidden threat
Italian Blade 2015 150
One of the Austrian Agusta-Bell 212 helicopters from Linz-Hörsching
Italian Blade 2015 156
One of the two Czech Mi-24 gunships providing cover to the entire operation
Italian Blade 2015 176
German soldiers provide cover to a landing NH-90
Italian Blade 2015 183
The Italian Navy AW.101 ASH from Sarzana-Luni airport was the only naval helicopter to take part in the exercise


Italian Blade 2015 201
The wounded soldiers are aboard: the armada can egress the area at low altitude

 Image credit: The Aviationist’s Alessandro Fucito


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