Incredible video shows a replica Spitfire perform a perfect gear-up landing

Jul 19 2015 - 9 Comments

A pilot landed his 80% replica Spitfire without landing gear.

On Jul. 19, a pilot carried out a perfect emergency landing of his replica Spitfire without landing gear.

The aircraft was flying at Sibson airfield, UK, when the pilot radioed that he could not extend the aircraft’s landing gear.

While emergency services arrived at the scene, the pilot circled nearby for about 20 minutes to burn fuel before attempting a belly landing.

The pilot managed to land the Spitfire on the grass runway and walked away unharmed. The replica plane appears to be little damaged.


  • Tweedle Dee

    Is this a Griffon Spitfire?

    • jabtano

      Supermarine Spitfire.

      • Tweedle Dee

        I know. A Griffon was the engine for post/late war models.

    • Cody3/75

      No. It’s a custom built (or kit) designed to look like a Spitfire. It’s a pretty poor “replica”. Aircraft looks to be about three-quarters the size of a real Spitfire.

      • Tweedle Dee

        Gotcha! Thanks.

      • AlanD86

        Clue is in the article – it’s 80% the size of a real one – Close guess though!

  • Nice. He made it look like landing an RC plane.

  • jabtano

    Sweet landing he did everything by the book.

  • JB1794

    Actually, it was not perfect. He should have shut down his engine and glided in at a steeper glide slope and then pulled up for the belly landing. Hitting the ground with a running engine, he will now have a full tear down and rebuild of that as well. A huge mistake.