Watch a B-1 Lancer bomber buzz photographers on take off from Al Udeid airbase

Head-on take off by a “Bone” deployed to Qatar to fight ISIS

B-1’s take offs are always impressive.

B-1’s take off at Al Udeid, west of Doha, in Qatar, where the U.S. Air Force has based its heavy bombers to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria can become really breathtaking if you observe the head-on departure of a Lancer coming low over you: this is what you can (almost) experience by simply watching the following video.

Noise abatement and safety procedures stateside usually prevent such maneuvers to be performed at Dyess or Ellsworth Air Force Base.

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  1. Is that a C-17 orbiting in the pattern enjoying the show while the locals take in the love the B-1 has to give?

  2. I’ve seen that stateside. Travis AFB airshow a decade ago, F-117 had landed, everyone was minding their own business when *kaboom* a bone flew in over the runway ~ taxiway areas UNANNOUNCED(An organized dirty trick), full burners, high speed, very low, before he pulled straight up like an interceptor and headed for the clouds. Never seen something so large move so fast and cause so much (enjoyable) panic. Quite an entry for an airshow demo I must say. I can only imagine what it would be like for the Taliban when they are going 700+ knots over their heads and it’s NOT an Air Show. Bodily fluids probably vacate involuntarily.

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