Photos of World’s last active service F-14 Tomcat jets overhauled in Iran

The Iranian Air Force is the last operator of the legendary F-14 Tomcat.

The photos in this article were recently released by FARS News Agency.

They show some Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force F-14 Tomcat jets be overhauled at an unspecified location (Tehran Mehrabad International Airport according to some sources).

F-14 IRIAF overhauled 2

Iran still operates some Tomcats that are being modernized to F-14AM (“Modernized”) standard to extend their operative life until 2030. Domestic upgrades include avionics (radar and RWR) and weapons: R-73E, AIM-54A, AIM-7E and AIM-9J are among the air-to-air missiles adapted to the aircraft’s fire control system.

F-14 IRIAF overhauled 3

The Iranian Tomcats can also carry the AIM-54A+ “Fakour-90” missile: a domestically upgraded, partially reverse engineered version of the famous AIM-54 Phoenix long range missile of the U.S. Navy F-14s.

F-14 IRIAF overhauled 4

The IRIAF F-14s are also being given a three-tone Asian Minor II camouflage pattern loosely resembling the “splintered” one adopted by Russian 4th and 5th generation fighter planes and U.S. Aggressors.

F-14 IRIAF overhauled 5

Tehran is believed to operate a fleet of about 60 F-14s even if the number of combat capable aircraft is unknown. According to some rumors, there would be plans to use the Tomcat in the air-to-ground role as well.

F-14 IRIAF overhauled 6

Anyway, in some way or another one Tehran managed to keep the F-14s airworthy, a significant achievement considered the embargo on Iran and the consequent lack of spare parts for the Tomcats.

F-14 IRIAF overhauled 7

F-14 IRIAF overhauled top

Image credit: FARS News agency

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    • No. They’re old as anything, and they’re operating in a very hot desert environment.

      • Umm, much of Iran is temperate and sill much of the rest is actually cold.

      • Iran does have 2 deserts. One of them I believe is the hottest in the world. However, those are uninhabited zones and something like 80% of the population lives around the mountainous regions which are at a much higher elevation. They often use the deserts for military exercises, much as the United States does. So you may see a higher number of military photos in such an environment. But this is not standard across the country. Keep in mind that Iran shares the Caspian Sea with Russia.

      • Iran has got almost any whether available. for example, in some areas the temps might be +50 C and some places it might be +25 and some places -15 and all of them can be at the same time in different parts of the country.

  1. Does anybody know what nationals these F-14’s maintain and overhaul, on some pictures, they are clearly not Iranian nationals.

    • I guess that really just depends on what your assumptions are on the appearance of Iranians.

    • What exactly Iranians look like in your mind? these are typical Iranian faces. Have you ever met any in your life?

  2. I recently saw a Tomcat at the Palm Springs Air Museum that appeared to be in better shape than that bucket of bolts ……

    • Yes most objects on display at Museums are in better aesthetic shape than ones being serviced in a greasy make-shift garage. :P

  3. I guess opening stress panels when its on Jacks doesn’t mean anything to them. I seriously don’t think its FMC.

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