Listen to Russian Strategic Bombers talk to their Ground Control while skirting UK airspace

Here is an interesting six-minute-long message recorded using a high frequency radio.

On Feb. 18, two Russian Air Force Tu-95MS Bear bombers on a long-range patrol flew close to the UK airspace off Cornwall.

Although the 60-year old 4-engine powered turboprop planes remained in international airspace, they were shadowed by two RAF Typhoons in QRA (Quick Reaction Alert): something that is becoming a sort of routine considered the frequency of such Russian missions over northern Europe.

Noteworthy, as the Bear H aircraft flew close to UK, Tom Hill, a radio enthusiast and reader of The Aviationist, using an HF receiver, recorded the following 6-minute audio.

It’s a coded message believed to be a message passed by the Tu-95 to a female controller on the Russian Air Force Strategic HF Voice net.

Any Russian reader can translate it? If so, leave a comment below.

Interestingly, according to one of our sources, for the first time in several months, the entire Bear mission on Feb. 18 was supported by a Russian airborne command and control aircraft: the Ilyushin Il-80 (NATO reporting name “Maxdome”).


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  1. It’s a communication between one the crew of one of the Tu-95s (referring themselves as 21-215) to the ground control. The message starts with double hyphen (= or “znak razdela” in Russian) then is followed by four groups of numbers – 791 952 200 263. They repeat it 3 times making sure that ground control has understood, especially the 4th group. As far as I understood the message is for 21-214 (may be another plane).

  2. Because we all understand Russian language…a translation would have been a nice thing to do before posting…this is only a useless audio recording, can’t even say it’s interesting since I don’t understand Russian…

  3. The fact this is becoming more and more regular is pretty scary. Used to hear about it quite a lot from the F3’s based at Leuchars. But since it closed down, you never hear the details anymore! Would be interesting to find out what they were saying though.. I mean, the dude might have just been putting his lunch order in for when he got back! Fish and chips. Lovely!

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