[Video] Test missile fired at F-16 used as a target drone for the first time

Aug 29 2014 - 8 Comments

QF-16 performs for the first time as an aerial target

A remotely controlled QF-16 Full Scale Aerial Target was launched for the first time as an aerial target at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico.

The missile used in the test was modified so it could not hit its target; however, the QF-16 has a scoring system which tells the ground station how close the missile came and its trajectory.

According to Boeing, “The ground control station sets the coordinates for the missile. Then, using its on board system, the QF-16 validates that the missile hit those coordinates, and detects the distance and speed of the missile. If all the data matches up, the mission is considered a kill.”


  • InklingBooks

    I worked at Eglin AFB in the late 1960s when the last of the B-47s were being used as drones for similar tests. Some controlled misses passed so close, the big bomber would rock as the missile passed. It’s always sad to see a great plane used in this way, particularly one as marvelous as the F-16. Hopefully, some will be preserved for museums and even to fly in air shows.

  • PooperDildo

    Better use them as targets than selling to potential enemies

  • Uranium238

    Shame to see such a fantastic aircraft go this way.

  • Flanker57

    remember me Falcon BMS…

  • BernardP

    “Boeing” F-16? Let me laugh. This plane was designed by General Dynamics and Boeing had nothing to do with it at the time. It’s only through corporate consolidation that Boeing can put its name on the plane. Same goes for the “Boeing” F-15 and F-18.

    • kusanagi no tsurugi

      Are you retarded or what? Boeing performed the conversion to drone status

  • Mosquito

    Thus the era of fighter pilots is starting to disappear… Progress will kill us one day… Oh humanity.

  • Gyoz

    I would store these F16 in Europe just in case… Many eastern european countries have totally outdated fighters and in the current scenario of no use in case of the necessity of air policing.

    Think about Croatia and the baltic states