Crazy video from inside an unmanned F-16 during a supersonic test flight

Sep 23 2013 - 4 Comments

Here’s a really interesting video.

It shows the QF-16 Full Scale Aerial Target’s first flight on Sept. 19 from Tyndall Air Force base in Florida from a quite unusual perspective: a camera pointing towards an empty ejection seat.

The aircraft was remotely controlled from a Ground Control Station at Tyndall by two F-16 pilots (“QF-16 plane controllers”) with the 82nd Aerial Target Squadron who flew the plane up to 40,000 feet at supersonic speed (Mach 1.47) engaging maneuvers like a barrel roll and pulling up to 7Gs.

Noteworthy, the pilot start the engine up, performs all the flight checks and then get out of the plane before the drone is guided to take off. During the test flight, the QF-16 was chased by an F-4 and another F-16.

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  • GG

    what’s that smoke inside the cockpit?

    • bencit28

      thats the ac blowing at full blast

    • cencio4

      It’s normal. It happens when air conditioning is on inside the cockpit and the engine goes to full throttle on take off: the air spilled from the compressor is cooler and condensate water vapor that is used by the air conditioning system to cool the cockpit.

  • Phantomphixer

    “…the Boeing QF-16…” am I the only one to think this sounds funny? Like a joke the Boeing guys played on LM?