World’s Last A-7 Corsair in Black Special Color scheme

Two A-7 Corsair jets of the Hellenic Air Force (including a cool Special Color) made a stop over at Aviano airbase on their way to RAF Fairford’s RIAT (Royal International Air Tattoo).

The Hellenic Air Force operates world’s last ageing but still much loved venerable Ling-Temco-Vought A-7 Corsair II jets.

The aircraft, flown by the 336 Mira (Squadron) “Olympos” belonging to the 116 Combat Wing from Araxos, will be phased-out in October this year.

For this reason the one at the RIAT 2014 at RAF Fairford could be the last overseas appearance before retirement. To celebrate this event, the Greek Air Force sent to the UK two “special” Corsairs: an A-7E in a black special livery with the famous “Fly Low – Hit Hard” motto and a TA-7C two seater Corsair that was recently painted with a new wrap-around camo.

TA-7 Camo Aviano Jul 2014

Using radio callsign HAF 336, the two aircraft made a stopover at Aviano airbase on Jul. 9 at 09.55 LT, where’ Simone Gazzola took the photographs you can find in this post.

TA-7 Camo Aviano Jul 2014 close up

The Corsairs, took off again for their final destination at 14.10 LT.

Once at Fairfordthe “Olympos” special color was awarded the RIAT 2014’s Best Painting Aircraft prize.

A-7 Aviano Jul 2014

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  1. I was at RIAT on the Sunday..and these 2 Corsairs were without a doubt a couple of the stars for me. Along with the Su-22s…so thanks so much Poland and Greece for treating us to these old war horses.

    I didnt get to see them fly, but it was enough to see them for me, since it is an aircraft I have long admired and have never seen in the flesh.

    The fact one of them was rocking my personal emblem (I fly the skull and crossbones everywhere I stay : D) was also a bonus…it looked superb n black!

    In the spirit of ‘Pics or it didnt happen’…here is a (bad, sorry) photo of the ‘Fly Low’ Corsair with the BBMF caught by chance in the distance : D (and a pic of the other..also looking great in the matte camo)

    Yep. RIAT is sure one hell of an airshow (no matter what all the internet naysayers say..Ive attended 4 years on the trot and loved every second of it.

    (PS if anyone is so in love with the A-7 that they want my photos…Im happy to email them..they arent any good, but I know some people like to collect every image they can find of their favorite or unusual/rarely seen aircraft)

  2. The two-seater was painted in the livery worn when the first A-7E/TA-7C were delivered in the nineties. During their periodic overhauls it was changed to the same high demarcation line scheme worn by the T/A-7H Corsairs.

    • I would appreciate the rest of your A-7 photos from the HAF visit to RIAT. The A-7 Corsair II Association is only a year old and we are in the process of recording the A-7 history.
      Bill Thomas President A-7 Corsair II Association

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