Stunning image of two Russian T-50 stealth planes during weapon integration tests

T-50 053 and 054 take off with external weapons during a test flight

On May 20, Sukhoi T-50 (PAK FA – Perspektivny Aviatsionny Kompleks Frontovoy Aviatsii—Future Tactical Air System) program entered a new phase with the external weapons integration tests.

Two aircraft are involved in the testing campaign with external stores: “053” and “054”.

Noteworhty, the two prototypes of Russia’s 5th generation stealth fighter plane, still wearing the standard color scheme and not the brand new “shark” camouflage, carried: R-73 short range air-to-air missile and R-77 medium range, air-to-air, active radar-guided missile system (T-50 “053”); KH-31 antiship missile and R-77 air-to-air missile (“054”).

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H/T to Antonio Valencia for the heads-up.

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  1. Alright, I concede. Stealth aircraft are a complete waste of money. SAMs these days can probably shoot anything down anyway. In fact stealth aircraft are such a waste of money that Russia/India, and China are all working desperately on their own F-22 knockoffs, and there are no less than nine countries involved in the F-35 project.

    Here’s the bottom line. You seem to like the F-15, and don’t get me wrong, I love it too. It will go down in history as one of the most legendary fighters ever. The F-22 is very similar to the F-15 except for two things: avionics and stealth. As a result, the F-22 can absolutely mop the floor with an F-15, and has proven so on many occasions. So what have we learned? On paper both planes can rip 9g turns, hold their energy very well, and climb with the best of them. Sure, the F-22 is a little more maneuverable due to thrust vectoring and having more thrust to begin with, but its main advantages over the F-15 are stealth and superior avionics. And that is precisely why the rest of the world is so eager to develop F-22’s of their own.

    • If F 22 is so good why did americans cancel its production???
      Its too expensive, it needs too much maintainance etc.

      and the T-50 is NOT A F-22 COPY russians were working with stealh technology even before americans

  2. Looks like the Russians are up to their standard method of design, “Copy Exactly”! LoL! Russia is nothing like they have always been. No Navy and corrupt as ever. We have always made them to be much more than they are. It helps justify our push to keep superior. And after traveling abroad for D-Day Remembrances, I will firmly say, we have the finest military soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines.

  3. Americans make new stuff to purposely outdate the old stuff. They are great salesmen too. Maybe not ethical but none the less their sales figures and cash flow speaks for itself. The front of the T50 looks a bit like the General Dynamic proposal for the ATF programme and showing some lineage to the Su27 family so I wouldnt call it totally new. It does looks like it could well be a great plane however.

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