Chinese Navy’s 65th Anniversary Video looks like Beijing’s Top Gun remake

Apr 24 2014 - 21 Comments
  • If the singer wasn’t on the video, this would have been pretty cool.

    • rick8547

      There is a version w/o the singer.
      But he’s a quite famous singer of Mongolian descent, another boring ritual stuff PLA want to showcase.
      Frankly speaking, the CCP and PLA are the most politically correct moron in my life time, even worse than my liberal sociology professor of sophomore year.

  • GP

    Kind of loses its impact when the jets are still painted in primer.

  • DocStrangelove

    Don’t want to spoil the atmosphere but do have chinese carriers just enough room for two planes? They should’ve placed some mockups to crowd the deck …

    • rick8547

      Some source (Kanwa of Canada) claimed that Chinese carriers’ deck isn’t strong enough to support more than two fighters…

  • Jonathan Brandon Nadle

    Wonder what they max payload is with full fuel off of that ski jump.? Su-27 design is much heavier than an f-18 and with no cat’s I’d guess they can only take off with around 6,000 lb’s of weapons/ targeting pods.

    • TobintheGnome

      Aircraft deployed from carriers with STOBAR will always be compromised in terms of range or payload (or both). The fact that most ski-ramp type STOBARs lack in-air refueling aircraft exacerbates this problem.

  • Taggart

    “Hey, this video isn’t too bad.”

    Singer shows up.


    Also, if this is the Chinese version of Top Gun, where’s the sweaty volleyball scene?

  • mccue

    Really could have done without the whole sweaty gym scene.

  • BernardP

    Like Top Gun, but not one girl in sight.

  • Travis

    That’s hilarious!!!! Just stick to fortune cookies there chinkies.

    • Nobby Stiles

      Opps … Chinese are our competitors as well bro … (I am an Indian) … but this doesn’t mean that me or you should indulge in racist comments …

      • rick8547

        With average GDP merely one tenth of the Americans, I dont think how we in China could be regarded as a serious competitor.
        On the other hand, is India our competitor? I’m also less sure about that. Compete for what?
        We export from toys, apparels to electronic devices, military equipments, ships, while India built all kinds of outsourcing/call centers.

    • rick8547

      Hold on! How your racist insult was approved by the Aviationist? I know there is no hate crime in the stateside. But manners and moral standards do matter in other places of the world.
      BTW, fortune cookies is a purebred American Chinese food tailored for burger-eaters, period. I’ve never tasted such unfortunately nasty stuff anywhere in China.

  • Taggart

    OMG. I need eye bleach now. That was worse than a volleyball scene.

  • theworkingclass

    I liked the music. It sounded like Chinese opera. They are obviously playing for a domestic audience. At least it wasn’t mindless Metal or K-pop. Of course, the Liaoning is still in its shake-down period and they don’t have enough J-15s to populate the boat. I’ll bet their next carrier will have a catapult. Will it be old steam or new electric? Will it have J-31s as well as J-15s?

  • big john ok

    I am not to worried about this flattop because of the lack of catapults, so that severly degrades the fuel and weapon load outs that its aircraft can launch. I dont see it being a threat to the US Navy now those nations in South East Asia that have limited anti-ship capability yes its a threat to them. Now those other two flat tops that China is building right now will be a different story because they are flat deck catapult equipped boats so they will be able to launch all types of fully loaded/armed aircraft.

    • rick8547

      nah, I don’t see China is ever going to challenge US naval supremacy anytime soon. After all, unlike Uncle Sam, we do have our own domestic agenda to do, and we do need to let 80% of Chinese enjoy the convenience of bullet trains. Be it stolen tech, failed big time, I do now travel 200kmph to most of my domestic destinations, surely I’ll miss the terrific view of countryside connecticut that only passengers of 80kmph Amtrak could possibly see.
      To be fair, your imminent challenger is the Islamic State, I guess.
      And the next one would be Vladimir I of Putin Russia.

      • big john ok

        I was active duty navy with a high level clearance less than a decade ago without going into specifics the Chinese Navy is considered the number 1 foe. The thing with the US Navy if you want to keep them away is develop a way to kill our carriers(which the Chinese have developed several) and no Navy Admiral is going to send a flattop with thousands of sailors plus its accompanying battle group into harms way.

  • Nathan B;ades

    Ahh yes, the Admiral Kuznetsov Class Carrier.

  • sound track

    nice video with great sound track and music