Chinese Navy’s 65th Anniversary Video looks like Beijing’s Top Gun remake

China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning and its J-15s are the protagonists of a celebratory Top Gun-type video.

In order to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the People Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), Chinese state-owned aerospace and defense company AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China), commissioned a music video featuring the Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark carrier-borne fighter.

Footage is quite interesting, with cockpit and flight deck scenes. The soundtrack is not as cool.

By the way, the video shows when the selfie of the J-15 pilot launching from the deck of Liaoning aircraft carrier comes from.

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  1. I am not to worried about this flattop because of the lack of catapults, so that severly degrades the fuel and weapon load outs that its aircraft can launch. I dont see it being a threat to the US Navy now those nations in South East Asia that have limited anti-ship capability yes its a threat to them. Now those other two flat tops that China is building right now will be a different story because they are flat deck catapult equipped boats so they will be able to launch all types of fully loaded/armed aircraft.

    • nah, I don’t see China is ever going to challenge US naval supremacy anytime soon. After all, unlike Uncle Sam, we do have our own domestic agenda to do, and we do need to let 80% of Chinese enjoy the convenience of bullet trains. Be it stolen tech, failed big time, I do now travel 200kmph to most of my domestic destinations, surely I’ll miss the terrific view of countryside connecticut that only passengers of 80kmph Amtrak could possibly see.
      To be fair, your imminent challenger is the Islamic State, I guess.
      And the next one would be Vladimir I of Putin Russia.

      • I was active duty navy with a high level clearance less than a decade ago without going into specifics the Chinese Navy is considered the number 1 foe. The thing with the US Navy if you want to keep them away is develop a way to kill our carriers(which the Chinese have developed several) and no Navy Admiral is going to send a flattop with thousands of sailors plus its accompanying battle group into harms way.

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