Chinese Navy J-15 fighter pilot’s “selfie” taken over Liaoning aircraft carrier

Feb 07 2014 - 4 Comments

A rare image taken from inside the cockpit of a J-15 fighter jet.

Not only Western fighter jocks love self-portrait shots (known as “selfies“).

This image shows a pilot of the People’s Liberation Army Naval Air Force (PLANAF) aboard a J-15 “Flying Shark”. The J-15 naval fighter aircraft is the primary plane of China’s new Liaoning aircraft carrier.

You can spot the aircraft carrier on the right hand side: the naval aviator took the photo as he was overflying the Chinese Navy’s flagship.

Image credit: PLANAF via Chinese Military Review


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  • feltonwispers

    what a piece of chinese junk. both the aircraft and that rustbucket they dare to call an aircraft carrier.

    • Obc

      What have you based that careful analysis on?

    • guest123

      i sense a nasty combination of fear and jealousy in you

    • And please indulge all the members here the technical enlightenment regarding how are modern 4.5 generation combat jets and the largest aircraft carrier besides those of the United States insignificant by any means.