First impressive images of China’s Aircraft Carrier Battle Group

Jan 03 2014 - 13 Comments

Images of China’s aircraft carrier and its accompanying warships were released by the PLAN (People’s Liberation Army Navy) to celebrate the battle group’s first successful deployment.

Along with Liaoning, 10 more warships took part in the parade (which reminds the American ones): three destroyers, three frigates, three submarines and an amphibious assault ship. A total of eight jet fighters overflew the BG during the return leg of the cruise to Qingdao home port on China’s east coast.

But, as pointed out by defense journalist David Axe on War is Boring, the shots reveal the weaknesses in Chinese naval organization.

The secret to American naval power is the capability to support flattops by means of logistics ships, including tankers, dry stores vessels and ammunition ships.

“The Pentagon’s three-dozen active combat-support vessels, manned mostly by civilian mariners, busily crisscross the globe, carefully plotting their courses to regularly meet up with the carriers and other task forces in order to refuel and resupply them. But no logistics ships are visible in Liaoning’s recent photos. That could be because China possesses only a token naval logistical flotilla—and mostly uses it to support Beijing’s counter-piracy force off of East Africa. “Limited logistical support remains a key obstacle preventing the [Chinese] Navy from operating more extensively beyond East Asia,” the Pentagon reported recently” Axe explains.

Therefore, an image whose aim was to project an image of strength, also highlights the limits of the current Chinese maritime power.

Image credit: via Chinese Defense Blog


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  • Gerardo Rodriguez

    All I see are targets for the Submarine Force.

    • Anonymous

      YA forgittin they have lots and lotsa attack fighters and anti-submarine aircraft at their NEARBY just-off-the-coast land bases. Ahem,….

      • aa

        oh yea they get a lot of anti-sub aircrafts……in their dream?

      • ASSASSYN

        Your point? Anti-ship missiles are standoff weapons for a reason. By the time the missile is tracking it’s target… the plane that launched has reversed course for home.

        • Looking far and beyond

          Knock out the Satellites and we’re back to square one!

    • Looking far and beyond

      All ships are target for Submarines Forces, it Doesn’t matter which countries they belongs to.

  • michael

    I don’t know how I should feel about it.

    • Anonymous

      For sure this BG is not on any mission to execute regime change unlike those belonging to the you-know-who.

  • OG_Locc

    LOL. Even the air over the *ocean* is smoggy in China.

  • Gyoz

    China is not projecting anything anywhere with this battle group. Is just training and a proof of concept for the future modern carries groups they are developing at a fast pace.

    • Chiefy707

      True this. But this is still serious power projection that a country like the Philippines has no way to defend against, considering the two nations claims on the Spratly islands.

      • Gyoz

        China has a smart strategy to expand its influence step by step without compromising its own growing economy. As history tells the biggest economy will be the biggest military power.

      • Gyoz

        Sure. China is stepping up its influence with the priority of not compromising the economy. By the end history tells us that the major economy becomes the major military power.