Not one but two different triangular mystery jets are being secretely flown across the US

The two mysterious aircraft spotted over Texas and Kansas in 2014. (Image credit: Sammamishman based on Muskett and Templin shots)

Texas and Kansas sightings have unveiled two different Black Projects.

As we have already reported here, on Mar. 10, 2014 Steve Douglass and Dean Muskett took the photographs of three mysterious planes flying at very high altitude over Amarillo, Texas.

The three unknown planes looked like almost boomerang shaped plane.

About one month later (on Apr. 15, even if some media outlets initially reported that the episode occurred in February), Jeff Templin, an amateur photographer, shot a silent triangular plane high over Wichita Kansas.

The analysis of the shots taken in Texas and Kansas seem to prove that:

  1. neither shot was doctored, hence they are genuine;
  2. neither shot actually depict a B-2 Spirit (and, for what concerns the first episode, the confirmation actually came from the U.S. Air Force)
  3. The Texas aircraft had a boomerang shaped trailing edge, whereas the Kansas one had a straight trailing edge and was more triangular;
  4. The Texas aircraft flew in a formation of three, Kansas one was alone.
  5. The Texas aircraft made noise, Kansas one did not.

Therefore, it’s quite evident that not one, but two Black Planes, unknown until they were photographed, are currently being flown across the U.S.

The three aircraft spotted over Texas could be the first examples of stealth transport planes whereas the one seen over Kansas could be the next generation LRSB (long range strike bomber)

The reason why the Pentagon has eventually decided to fly them in daylight (hence exposing them to observers) is still unknown: maybe to distract from something else, or simply to flex muscles with Russia amid growing tensions over Ukraine.

Even the bases from where these aircraft could be launched and recovered remain a mystery. Most probably an airport far from spotters and observers. As Groom Lake (Area 51). Or even Whiteman Air Force Base, home of the U.S. Air Force B-2 fleet: hiding a triangle-shaped plane among Spirit bombers whose shape is at least similar to that of the mystery aircraft sighted over Kansas, would be easier, don’t you think?

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  1. One on the right looks like a wobbly goblin f-117, and it has since made public that a few are still flying for whatever reason. The other one is some new military aircraft, the classified military technology is usually a few decades ahead of what is public knowledge.

  2. Seriously guys get real… A12 etc are long dead. It is much more likely that these are iterations of the RQ180 or even one of about 5 incarnations of the X47 series which is still a testbed and is well known… Look at the aviation week article on the RQ180 and they have a great diagram showing about 30 different ucav designs of cranked kite or other single wing designs. Rq180 is probably originating out of china lake and flown east…. With it expected to enter service in 2015 and the x47x being upversioned why on earth would we even think it was a b2? Makes no sense.

  3. First off, B-2s fly in 3 ship formations. Proof:

    Second, the Air Force (gov) routinely denies the obvious. For example, I photographed one of NASA’s two WB-57s circling over Austin one afternoon at 47K feet. It was pretty obviously a WB-57, big white wings, etc. The funny thing was, the flight even showed up on the Flight Aware Ap. I was curious what NASA was researching so I emailed them. They denied that one of their WB-57s was flying that day – even though there was photographic proof and Flight Aware proof of the flight.

    The Air Force has no credibility when it confirms or denies something.

    I think the jets over Texas were B-2s on a training mission seen from an oblique angle.

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