Danish F-16 jets filmed on the firing range hit their own camera

This is not covered by warranty.

Royal Danish Air Force personnel love to film their F-16s using air-to-air and air-to-surface armament. A GoPro screenshot of a RDAF pilot firing an AIM-9 Sidewinder produced one of the coolest selfie ever taken from a fighter jet.

But this love for “action footages” can have some side effects especially if the camera is positioned a bit too close to the ground target of an Mk-84 2,000-lb bomb.

Watch what happens about the 02:30 mark:


Ok, it’s not a direct hit, as the camera is only capsized by the shock wave of the bomb. Still, shall we consider it a sort-of Blue-on-Blue incident?

By the way, the footage is interesting as it shows M61 20mm gun strafing runs as well as Mk-82 500-lb bomb drops on the range.

H/T Matthew Markezin-Press for the heads-up


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