[Photo] The effect of Florida’s freezing rain on U.S. Air Force AC-130U gunship

Florida is experiencing unusually cold temperature. High winds and freezing rain, brought by a winter storm coated aircraft in a layer of ice.

These images, taken on Jan. 29, 2014, say it all.

Since quite unusual freezing rain and cold temperature have layered Hurlburt Field, Florida, in a thin sheet of ice, icicles formed on a U.S. Air Force AC-130U Spooky gunship’s 25 mm Gatling gun.

AC-130 frozen windshield

If you believe that using the rotary guns (facing down and aft along the plane’s left side) in Northern Europe, or Siberia, might not be a good idea, take a look at how these systems work: a few bursts of rounds through those barrels would take care of the icicles (and of the bad guys on the ground).

AC-130 frozen cockpit

Flight operations at the base are temporarily suspended because of the bad weather.

MC-130 frozen

Image credit: U.S. Air Force


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