Three aircraft carriers, belonging to three different navies, work together

Jan 08 2014 - 4 Comments

Even if this naval formation was only arranged for photographic purposes (as three such warships would be much more effective if operating at significant distance each other), the sight of three aircraft carriers belonging to three different navies, sailing close each other is at least unusual.

The Italian Navy aircraft carrier Cavour, front, the American flattop USS Harry S. Truman and the French navy aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, are conducting maritime security operations in the Gulf Oman.

USS Truman Carrier Strike Group is currently operating with the Task Force 473 “to enhance levels of cooperation and interoperability, enhance mutual maritime capabilities and promote long-term regional stability” within the 5th Fleet AOR (Area Of Responsibility).

Image credit: U.S. Navy


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  • Bigdirk

    Hey, wait a minute. Where’s Britain’s contribution? Oh, that’s right….. WE DON’T HAVE AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER, and pretty soon we won’t have a navy either!!

    • dino

      Why would the RN need an aircraft carrier?

      Since the MOD short sightedly retired the perfectly viable Sea Harrier and then, unbelievably it’s stop gap replacement the Joint Force Harrier (GR9) we don’t have an aircraft capable of operating from them. Of course, the F-35 should have been delivered two years ago, but that doesn’t really change much…

      The HMS Queen Elizabeth should launch this year, IIRC although flight ops won’t start until 2018. That is assuming the F-35 is actually ready by then…

      • Bigdirk

        You are correct Dino, but by the time the UK aircraft carriers are in service, WW3 will have come and gone! lol

  • Quovadis69

    Nice picture! Any chance we can get an article about the Italian aircraft carrier? :)