Stunning GoPro video shows Marines helicopter underwater escape training

U.S. Marines must be ready to face any emergency situation and be capable to egress a helicopter, upside down, underwater.

For underwater escape training, a system dubbed “helo dunker” is used.

It consists of a mock up helicopter that is plunged into a pool, and then flipped over as a real aircraft would do upon impact with the water.

U.S. Marines are required to test their ability to fight their way clear of restraint and harness to surface and this is what this particular exercise looks like.

H/T to
Business Insider’s Geoffrey Ingersoll for the heads up

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  1. When I was in the Navy I remember the Marines telling me about this. Now I see what they were talking about. ; )

  2. A similar system exists for “track company” Marines who go ashore aboard the AAV tracked vehicles. (The AAV-7A1 or LVTP-7). Since there is no way out of a sunken amtrack, the “Track Dunker,” as it is known, consists simply of a green dumpster padlocked shut and shoved into the deep end. The best policy is to have some “admin issues” to take care of on Track Dunker day.

  3. Is the “drop your machine gun and escape” a normal routine ? Or is there also a training on which they try to save guns as well as their lives ?

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