[Video] Chinese Ka-28 helicopter barely manages to land on warship in high seas

Landing a helicopter on the helipad of a warship is not easy.

Landing it in bad weather may be a sort of nightmare.

The following video shows a Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy‘s Kamov Ka-28 “Helix”, one of the 8 twin contra-rotating rotor choppers reportedly flying with the Chinese Navy, trying to land on a Type 054A Frigate. As the footage shows, the pilot performed at least a couple of attempt before eventually managing to put the helicopter, an export version of the Russian Ka-27 on the warship.


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    • I can tell you’re not a pilot! … and not much of a human being for making a statement like that!!!

    • Coaxials are usually better able to handle side-winds. That said, the PLA Navy is on a steep learning curve. Perhaps after what I just saw they will make quick study of the benefits of RAST!

  1. I’d say good on the pilot for aborting the 1st two landing attempts. Many a pilot has gotten in big trouble by having a bad case of get-there-itis and pressing a bad situation on landing instead of going around and trying again. That dude earned every penny that day. Freakin’ scary!

  2. Ching Chang Ching Chang Chung. I no see ship with smarr sritty eye, and scare so bad my 2 inch peepee shrink to one inch!

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